Shadowloo Showdown 2013 – Results

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Shadowloo Showdown 2013 – Results

What an incredible weekend for the Australian FGC and KoF, as we saw Xian taking full honors this year. Results are as follows.

1. DM.MCZ|Xian (EX Iori/EX Kyo/Mr. Karate)
2. MCZ|Tokido (EX Iori/Mr. Karate/Kim)
3. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Mai/King/Vice)
4. DM.MCZ|Jackson (Chin/Mr. Karate/Kim)
5. MCZ|Mago (Mr. Karate/EX Iori/Kim)
5. DM.MCZ|Gamble Boxer (EX Kyo/EX Iori/Kim)
7. Falco (Kensou/Clark/Andy)
7. ON|Colonov (Duo Lon/Benimaru/Kim, King/Duo Lon/Benimaru)

For anyone that didn’t see the stream or not wanting to rummage through the stream archive, vids on youtube can be seen below courtesy of KOFUNIONa11111357

Top 8 To Top 4

Top 4

If you are keen to go through casuals from Shadowlogic HQ, can also be seen below



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