Character Voting #yatagarasu

Character Votes Update and Yatagarasu Tournament Livestreams!

We’re halfway through our Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm campaign, so here is an update on the current vote rankings for the new characters:

1st: Chiriakuta (528 votes)
2nd: Aja (453 votes)
3rd: Qadl (286 votes)
4th: Nene (51 votes)

Chiriakuta has the lead, but there is still plenty of time and plenty of outstanding votes for all that to change!

If you have backed the campaign, but haven’t voted yet, please check out the newly-updated character descriptions on the campaign page, then send an email to to vote for the character you’d like to see in the game! Remember, $1 = 1 vote, so the move your donate, the larger your voice!


We are pleased to announce that several Yatagarasu tournaments (played on v4.3 – now available from Rice Digital) are lined up for the next few weeks and we’ll be providing prizes such as the digital art book and early access to the game.

Here is the current schedule:

July 20th        8 Way Run
July 26th       Orochinagi
August 10th   Orochinagi
August 18th   Orochinagi

Check out the links above for details on how to enter, how to spectate, and the full list of prizes! Even if you can’t compete, please drop in to show your support and see some combat in action!

Watch out the Nyu Media Twitter feed, Facebook page, blog, and of course IndieGogo campaign updates for more details about upcoming tournaments!

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