ON FGC Anti Hwa Guide

With everyone’s help I wouldn’t have been able to do this so thanks again to everyone who gave their support!!! KOFGC is here again!

French version


  • If you do a high jump and hwa does dp D, and tries to drive cancel into qcb B, it will whiff, unless in the corner.
  • Slide – Dragon Tail: If Hwa tries to delay qcb B off a slide, you can interrupt it with a quick anti air
  • If he is drunk, be careful because he has plenty of time to add a dragon tail…
  • he can jump D > cancel into air dp B or qcb B.  At the lowest point, air dp + B is +4 so Hwa is practically safe to continue attacking.
  • Drunk setups where you need to hold left to block the qcb D, and then hold right again to block the normal when the qcb D ends…
  • If he hasn’t put you into block stun with a CD, punish his drinking!
  • When Hwa is sober, his qcb.D cannot crossup a standing opponent. When Hwa is drunk, he can crossup a standing opponent.
  • If Hwa lands close to you, you can punish his qcb B with a throw or any move with less than 2 frames, in or out of the corner.
  • A good Hwa player will not land close to you with qcb B – they will try to delay the qcb B off a slide.
  • If they delay the qcb B off a slide, it’s no longer a true blockstring – so you can counter it with DP or anything BEFORE it hits you.
  • qcb D, you can block this standing or crouching. If you stand block, Hwa is at -4 recovery so you can punish him with any move faster than 4 frames (not an easy task) again, throw may be your best option, but can lead to a simple tech throw off.
  • If you crouch block, Hwa is at -2, needing 2 frames to recover, so pretty much only a throw will punish.
  • Hwa really wants to hit you with the tip of his moves so that he is positive, staying close is better and standing is better but then you have to watch for the slide.
  • Frametrap: If qcb D hits you more than twice, normally in the corner, he has +2 advantage, so if you know he will try a poke you can punish with a command grab (it will come out before his move does) BUT if he knows you will try that he can jump it and you will eat a combo.
  • When drunk, qcb D is -1/0 on block so not much choice there to punish. In the corner, or if you get crossed up, it’s +5 so you can’t do anything if he decides to continue with stand A (as it is 5 frames) and combo.
  • Hold down the button when trying to punish with command throws to make sure you snatch Hwa out of his tiny recovery window.
  • When Hwa is drunk, you should really be scouting for the qcb D, and get ready to stuff it with a normal like Iori/Kyo cl.C, Athena cl.D, Shen cr.C etc… Good Hwa’s will only really use it on wake up, or in strings where stuffing it might be hard (off of a slide, cl.C).
  • Beware of how drunk qcb D can cross up(off of 3 lights, off of 2 delayed lights, meaty slide) and the like.

For more, look at on the wiki or discuss on the forums or facebook group or youtube or twitter er yeah, maybe there’s too many options now… lol?


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