360GamingUK – Sun 5th May Results + Videos (TTT2+KoF)

Thanks to everyone who came to 360Gaming’s event last Sunday!! Results and Match Videos are below:

Tekken (TTT2):
1st Asim
2nd Bonus Jin
3rd Goomba

King of Fighters (KoF13):
1st Prodigal Son (Ryan Hart)
2nd Anouar
3rd TRUE Amin

1st Hollow
2nd HowToRead
3rd Prodigal Son (Ryan Hart)

Videos are below (last few matches of Tekken tourney, and some casual matches of KoF):

Video Playlist (TTT2+KoF): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhD4pdWr-MwJAdKcj8_m9fRBPOGje2unq

KoF Casuals; TRUE Amin vs Anouar

TTT2 Winners Final; Bonus Jin vs Asim

See you all at the next event on Sun 2nd June!! (details to follow shortly).

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