Nishinippori Versus (March 30)

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Nishinippori Versus (March 30)

So, since the imbuedgold account got a wonderful warning from youtube (+ a bunch of file size and video length restrictions), we’ll have to rely on SMOAI to keep ourselves up to date when it comes to gamespot versus footage. Lesson of the day? Never touch something that might be copyrighted by Sony.

Mau used “Hetare” as nick. Tenga / Tenkawa used Yoruyukiho , Kazu / Kozuka used Moto 13 Sei , Picnic used Enoku
Tomoyukiho I think is Yanagi. I’m not sure on who Naoki-san Shuushoku Omedetou is, since he was used as a MC, he might be Cap or Pudding.

Team 1p : Hide , Shido , Nike?Gashi Kyo Sei , Tomoyukiho

Team 2p : Gonzales , Tenga , Mau

Team 1p : Tomoyukiho , Tachi?Gashi Kyo Sei , Azu , Himojoe , Azuki Neko

Team 2p : M’ , Shoki , Naoki

Team 1p : KouKou , ??? , Ohiki , ??? , Kyabbetsu

Team 2p : Naoki , Zaboon 13 Hajimemashita , Pounserman

Team 1p : Kazu , Kanba , Rinomoto , Haregoro~ , Picnic

Team 2p : Pounserman , Naoki-san Shuushoku Omedetou

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