Feb 2013 360gaming Results + Videos

Thanks to everybody who came to last Sunday’s 360gaming event. We had a good turnout from the Tekken and KoF heads (especially a pleasant surprise from the KoF community, considering it’s the first time for KoF!!!), and are grateful for the support. Keep it up, bring more of your friends next time and we’ll keep giving you more events and fun times!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
1st Asim
2nd Dinosaur
3rd Real Menace

The King of Fighters 13
1st TRUE Amin
2nd WW|MCZ Prodigal Son Ryan Hart
3rd TRUE Supa

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:
1st Mr. E NGI|LMH
2nd LoserKid
3rd Bulldog

The Tekken and Marvel match videos are already up below. For upcoming updates on the KoF videos, the next event and other news/announcements, stay tuned to the 360Gaming website, Facebook Page and Twitter.

Video Playlist for Tekken Tag 2
Video Playlist for UMVC3 (When’s Marvel)

TTT2 Losers Quarter – ROO KANG vs Real Menace

TTT2 Winners Semi – WW|MCZ Prodigal Son Ryan Hart vs Dinosaur

TTT2 Grand Final – Dinosaur vs Asim

UMVC3 Grand Finals Mr.E vs LoserKid

Lastly, here are a couple of pictures from the event. You can view the full photo gallery here: http://www.360gaminguk.com/2013/02/2013-02-24-360gaming-ttt2kof13umvc3-pics/

Marvel heads getting down to business!
Marvel heads getting down to business!
Tekken Fighters!
Tekken Fighters!
The Kings of Fighters!
The Kings of Fighters!

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