360gaming TTT2/UMVC3/KoF13 – London UK, Sun 24 Feb

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360gaming TTT2/UMVC3/KoF13 – London UK, Sun 24 Feb

360gaming 24-12-13

360gaming are proud to present not one but TWO separate events covering a total of 5 games this month!!!!

For the footie fanatics among you, get ready for a FIFA+PES extravaganza on Sun 17th Feb!

And for the bloodthirsty fighters, we have a slugfest on Sun 24th Feb consisting of the mainstay Tekken Tag 2, the hype of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3… and FINALLY the debut of the King Of Fighters series at this event!!!!

You can find details for all events here http://www.360gaminguk.com/events, but fighting game details are also copied below.

Whichever event you are coming to, I would advise coming EARLY to avoid being late and get as many warmup games as possible!
See you there!!!

VENUE DETAILS (same address for both events):
Directions: http://g.co/maps/t3k89
Address: Tooting Tram and Social, 46-48 Mitcham Road, SW17 9NA, United Kingdom
It’s just round the corner from the tube station (Tooting Broadway, Northern Line, Zone 3), which you can easily get to, from most of London.
Best bet is to follow the above Google Maps link once you come out of the station. Then look for a big black gate between McDonalds and the Gala Bingo Hall.
But give us a shout below if you need any further details/directions.

Date: Sunday 24th February 2013
Doors open: 1PM
Tournament Registration Ends: 3.00PM (tourney will start by 3.15PM)
BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLERS!!! (for the relevant console(s))

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a reply here or on the Event Page for the Fighting Game event:

CONSOLE: PS3 for Tekken Tag 2, xbox360 for UMVC3 & KOF13
PLAYER CAP: Max 32 entrants for each tournament.
FORMAT: Double Elimination (no groups), 2/3 matches for TTT2 & KOF13, 3/5 matches for UMVC3, all standard time limits.
KOF: White stage is soft-banned, but allowed if both players agree/do not mind.
OTHER RULES: No character lock for a new set, but within a set you can only change character after losing.
Blind pick available, coin toss available for 1p/2p side disputes.
MUST check button config before your match starts, then restart the match.
Pausing (or pressing Home button) for any reason (including button config) means you forfeit the current round.

Entry Fee (at the door): £10 for venue entry + 1 tournament, £15 for venue entry + two tournaments, £20 for all 3 tournaments, £5 for venue entry + casuals/spectator only.
We accept Cash only (unless you sign up online, at http://www.360gaminguk.com/events/).
Prize: Half of the pot goes towards prizes, winner take all!!!

Feel free to bookmark/subscribe below for further updates:
Website http://www.360gaminguk.com/events
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/360GamingUKcom/10150127117390462
And Twitter at https://twitter.com/360gamingUK

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