#wgc2013 UK Qualifier Results Awards Replays


  • Leona MVP = Mienaikage
  • Strongest Traitor = Yagami14
  • Soldiering ON while spreading disease = Bullet Proof
  • Sticking it to you = The Good Doctor
  • Identity Crisis = Robocop Two
  • Beauty Sleep = Cristina
  • Knighthood = Tenrai
  • Turning up on a Sunday afternoon = Everyone



So this is the man that will be going to France to represent Great Britain to take on the world at World Game Cup 2013.

TRUE Lord Tenrai Messatsu!


My favourite match of the day – Mienaikage vs the TRUE Good Doctor (aka Robocop Two)

Watch live video from thewonderpark on TwitchTV

The main footage

Watch live video from thewonderpark on TwitchTV

You already saw the finals in this post.

Full Twitch archive can be seen here

We still want to see Bala come to WGC, please help him get there!

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