DOA5 Combo Vid and BnB Compilation!

there’s been recently a lot of solid footage being produced by the DOA5 community and I thought the content was well worth sharing.

Sarah Combo guide by 866AiN999

This video is simply incredible. Breaks down Sarah’s combo potential and goes from basics to really high level advanced techniques with a focus on guaranteed setups from multiple situations as well as shows you how to maximize damage from juggles and the environment.

HITOMI Combo video by RAANSU
Goes over some nice BnBs focusing on some guaranteed setups. Short, easy to follow and to the point.

Pai Weekly stuff by 866AiN999

Another amazing video showing many of Pai’s guaranteed setups as well as how to maximize her juggle potential.

Christie and Helena BnBs by DOATEC T.V.

Bass and Rig BnBs by DOATEC T.V.

Gen Fu and Eliot BnBs by DOATEC T.V.

The BnB video series is another great series released by DOATEC T.V and covers a lot of the basics for the characters in the vids:

All in all there’s been a shortage of good DOA content out there simply because its not finding its way to the right media outlets which is a real shame.

I hope you find these videos useful and entertaining. I will do my best to update you guys with more DOA news should I find content that is worth while.

Thanks again. 🙂


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