KCE CUP 5 / V-1 Final / JvK Updates

**updated with results *now with extra info supplied by Professor of MMC


Prelimary winners:

Team 1: Kyabetsu (Evo 9th place winner), Koukou
Team 2: Rinomoto, Picnic
Team 3: Ogosho (Two-time SBO champion), Dune
Team 4: ON|Haregoro, Hisa
Team 5: Tenkawa, ON|Myu
Team 6: Nagihey, Gaku
Team 7: Picnic, Rinomoto


MadKOF and the CafeID members made it through prelims but lost in their first matches at Top 8…

1st place: Team Picnic (Picnic, Rinomoto)
2nd place: Team Myu (ON|Myu, Tenkawa)

Stream URL for KCECup5:

Starts at 3PM JST on Jan 13 which is around Jan 12(Sat) 10PM pacific in the States.
It’ll be KOF13 right off the bat. Chances are, we’ll probably see more players than the officially supported tournament.
Click on the red button when it’s time for the event.

“V-1 Final” + Japan vs Korea

This is the first official SNKP KOF XIII tournament in Japan

Special Guests MadKOF and Lacid will be there!  Qanba is also supporting the event – quite a buzz here!  We need to tune in to bring the hype to Nico Nico!

It’s a free live view, you just need a Nico account, remember that you can use Facebook to login!

Monday 14th Jan – Tune in here to see the stream- http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv121882948 – there will also be kof2002um!
Stream URL for V-1 Final
Officially supported by SNKPlaymore and Qanba:
Starts at noon JST on Jan 14 which is like Jan 13(Sun) 7PM pacific in the States.
The first four hours will be an 02UM tournament. The Korea vs Japan 5on5 will be at the very end of the event.
This event is slated to run for a total of 10 whopping hours.
Click on the door when it’s time for the event.


Team Japan: Dune, Ogosho, Shoki, Koukou, Rinomoto

Team Korea: MadKOF, Verna, Gutts, Lacid, Kenssouzang

Schedule (local time in Japan)

10:00?11:00???? ????????????????????????????????
16:00?18:00?KOF02UM???????? (tournament)
18:00?22:00?KOF13CM???????? (tournament)

More info (JP)

Dune and Shoki will be commentating.

Speaking of MadKOF, don’t forget to donate to help him and Bala get to WGC!

Here’s Bala’s donation drive:

[donation-can goal_id=’bring-player-to-wgc’ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=false show_title=true title=”]

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