Dead or Alive 5 ver. 1.03 Patch notes – MAJOR UPDATE, FREE DLC and a TON OF CHANGES

Team ninja just released two huge pages filled with the changes promised for patch 1.03 which is scheduled to be released on:
PlayStation®3 : January 23, 2013
Xbox 360® : January 29, 2013

The changes are massive and at somepoints seem like a whole re-design of certain elements of the game.

A new mode called EXHIBITION MODE has been added with everything unlocked (characters/stages) .. No more grinding before an event! 😉

Here are some of the “Major” general system change highlights:
– Default health reduction from 300 to 270.
– Wakeup kicks nerfed. they no longer give a long enough stun to follow up on normal hit. (counter hit properties still the same)
– All BT Strikes that do not knockdown will lead to the opponent turning around again.
– Ceiling stuns will have normal damage effects regardless of weather they were earned on counter or high counter.
– Slippery stages (Ice and Water): the slippery effect of low strikes only happens on counter/High counter/Critical stun now … On Normal hit low strikes still retain their normal properties. (GOOD!)
– Crouching speed increased.
– fixed sidestep properties. (seems more viable now from what I’m understanding)
– FIXED the unblockable 1 frame on wakeup!! (REJOICE! )

In addition, alot of changes to the way the online interfaces work as well as the general connectivity is promised to be better.
Changes include:
– Better filtering system to Ranked matches + the ability to decline before match starts.
– No longer able to select stage in ranked.
– Character selection now blind.
– You can now unlock costumes the more you play ranked (300 ranked matches gives you that lisa v-thong everyone was complaining about lol)
– You can now upload taken images directly to your facebook. (start snappin’ them shots guys 😉 )
– You can save lobby matches. (Finally!)

Also, Team Ninja posted a long list of Character re-balance changes.
– A lot of the cast members got extra Critical Burst moves mainly from their special stances.
– the majority of it is buffs with only some minor nerfs here and there (mainly to the crazy 4: Jann Lee, Kokoro, Gen Fu, and Lei Fang… However, they did get minor buffs here and there so I personally think it balances out well)
– Added alot more functionalities to sidestepping (e.g., SS throws for grapplers, SS into BT for Lisa, SS into shoulder attack for Akira.. etc.)
– They increased the ways by which a character can enter their stances (this will make much much nicer mix ups IMO)
– A lot of moves have become safer now. And many moves even gained + frames on block ( hello frame traps! )

And it doesn’t stop there !!
Team Ninja also promised a new FREE DLC stage to be released alongside the patch called Zack Island. They also announced some (not so free) DLC swimwear for all the girls to be released in the same date called “paradise pack”.

The official full list of changes can be viewed right here: