OK, I know it took a while, but the tournament’s first day (november 11) was full of technical problems. The first day had no stream at all and the retrieval of the replays was a big pain. But finally here it is! I hope you enjoy.

[youtube width=”680″ height=”383″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2RVuEtuipU[/youtube]

The video features a few of the freeplay matches before the tournament started and then the actual tournament matches, which according to the video’s description are:

01. VinnAleixo (IoriEX, Saiki, Hwa) x Sotts (Maxima, Clark, Robert)
05:42 – Will_Yeah (Chin, Duo lon, Iori) x Cyborg_RJ (Yuri, IoriEX, Takuma)
11:30 – XR_Mr. Felipe (Kim, Benimaru, Kula) x Lui_Orochi (IoriEX, Clark, Ryo)
15:42 – Shen, IoriEX, Yuri x Kyo-King, Ryo-Athena, Takuma
22:20 – Kleber-Yagami (Duo lon, Kyo, IoriEX) x XR_Mr. Felipe (Benimaru, Kula, Kim – Kim, Benimaru, Kula)
31:55 – Legal (Yuri, Kim, IoriEX) x Mobby (Mature, Elisabeth, Athena – Athena, Elisabeth, Mature)
40:10 – Kleber-Yagami (Duo lon, IoriEX, Kyo) x AMK (Ryo, Maxima, K’)
41:03 – EddyBlack (Robert, Kensou, Shen) x Mobby (Clark, Athena, Elisabeth)
46:54 – PA|Nameless (Duo lon, Hwa, Chin) x [BrA]CT.Thiago_Gomes (Duo lon, Kula, Athena – Ash, Andy, Athena)
59:14 – Mr. Bruno (Kim, Kyo, IoriEX) x [BrA]CT.Thiago_Gomes (Ash, Andy, Athena – Duo lon, Kula, Athena)
01:04:20 – Mr. Bruno (Kyo, Kim, IoriEX) x AMK (Ryo, Maxima, K’)
01:10:08 – Mobby (Elisabeth, Athena, Mature – Mature, Athena, Elisabeth) x Mr. Bruno (Kim, Kyo, IoriEX)
01:16:50 – RobKOF (Chin, Duo Lon, Shen) x Mobby (Athena, Elisabeth, Vice – Mature, Athena, Elisabeth)
01:29:00 – Kleber-Yagami (Duo lon, IoriEX, Kyo) x Mr. Bruno (Kula, Kyo, IoriEX)
01:33:54 – RobKOF (Chin, Duo lon, Shen) x Mr. Bruno (Kula, Kyo, IoriEX)
01:41:06 – RobKOF (Chin, Duo lon, Shen) x Kleber-Yagami (IoriEX, Kim, Kyo)

And finally here’s the tournament’s top 8:

1 – Kleber Yagami
2 – RobKof
3 – Mr. Bruno
4 – Mobby
5 – Legal
5 –  PA|Nameless
7 – AMK
7 – Linj

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