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NEO GEO X Trailer

NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition Set to Release This Week

All-New Trailer to Celebrate Launch and 20th Anniversary of NEOGEO

Los Angeles, Calif. – December 17, 2012 – Tommo, Inc., in partnership with SNK PLAYMORE, today announced that the NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition entertainment system will be available through select online retailers across North America and Europe this week. And to help celebrate the release of the NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition and the 20th anniversary of the NEOGEO, Tommo has created an epic trailer to support the launch of the highly anticipated system.


I’ve heard some comments about the stick not being the same as the PS2 version but slightly smaller and that the menu is a bit sluggish.  Otherwise it’s a great handheld emulator.  Note that if you think you’ve got a great emulator on your PSP or android, I suggest you turn off frameskip and try again…

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