This is another great weekend in the history of the brazillian FGC, Versus Brazil, the third major brazillian fighting game event in 2012 (and in our whole history!) , the tournament happens in a really neat hotel in Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro, with two days of fiery competition in 6 different games, KOF XIII, KOF XI, SSF4AE, SFxT, UMVC3 and MK9.

[youtube width=”680″ height=”383″][/youtube]

KOF XIII is once again one of the main games in the line-up, and you can expect all the big names that have been representing the best of brazillian KOF XIII to this date (except for Tokido), such as Kleber Yagami, Mr. Bruno, Legal, Moby and many others, I’ll also be there representing the worst of brazillian KOF. You might also have noticed the announcement of Justin Wong’s presence in the tournament trailer but he unfortunately won’t be able to come due to problems getting his visa with the Brazillian Consulate, you can thank mr. George W. Bush for that.

The big surprise is the adition of KOF XI (!!!) to the tournament line-up as a side tournament, I sincerely don’t know what to expect because XI has never been a big game in Brazil, but all the players seem very hype for this one so I’m very excited.  Both KOF tournaments will happen during saturday (pools and finals) so be sure to cancel any appointments you might have and be available for the whole day, the UMVC3 tournament also happens this day and our Marvel players are really good,  the keeping-combofiend-out-of-top8 kind of good, so I recommend watching this one too, if you like this kind of stuff, I mean.

The tournament will be streamed through SuperChamps Live’s channel, which is already known for great stream quality from Champ’s everyday home streaming and Treta Armageddon’s broadcasting, so there are no reasons not to be with us this weekend.

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