Proving Grounds 2 this Sunday (UK)


The UK’s biggest bimonthly fighting game tournament returns on this Sunday. Brought to you by Team Limit Break in association with SMBF, ScotwelUK and Unequalled Media.

The signups are closed and the 24 player cap has been reached. Several of the best players in the UK are registered making for some really interesting groups. Confirmed attendees include shinefist, TKO Supa, Robocop Two, ON GIGA D, VS QA BigFool, Heicko and Ryan ‘Prodigal Son’ Hart. Expect some very high level play.


The tournaments will all be groups into top 16 single elimination. uMvC3 and SF4 player caps have also been reached with top names in the UK attending for each.


Brackets will be updated live on Binary Beast on the day.


All videos will be uploaded to Team Limit Break’s youtube page once they have been processed. Make sure to head over there to see them. I’ll update with links when they are.



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