Interview with AS: Reynald

After watching David Kong’s video of the winner finals at TRB, I felt rather enraged (you can watch the match at the bottom of this post).

I immediately fired off some questions which turned into an interview with Arcade Shock’s Reynald.

G: You battered Bala in winners finals only for him to do the same to you in grand finals. Your Ryo suddenly for some reason did nothing but cr C. No stand D, no qcf A pressure, nothing! What happened?

R: Lol like the commentators said, I was over thinking. I’m not confident in my Ryo as id like to be, mainly because I’ve only been using him for 2 days haha

G: You guys and your counter picking lol

R: Lol, well what can I say

G: Well, these are legit tactics, I suppose

R: I didn’t pull out all of my tricks with Ryo because I forgot! It’s all about being comfortable when I’m using characters. You’ll see a better showing at MLG and EVO.

G: How long do you think it’ll take before you are comfy with all the characters?

R: Depends on how much I play

G: Just guess lol

R: I’ve recently just started playing more often – as you can tell lol – I’m actually excited because I know my progress is just going to continue.  And I’m not mad about my loss.

G: *cough* excuses *cough*  2nd aint bad eh?

R: lol nah doesn’t matter to me.  I played Bala at his best, and he nearly lost to me, so I’m extremely happy – empty buttons and all.

G: That’s cool LOLLLLL empty buttons!! What do you have to say to all the people that say Bala is invincible.

R: I just say that he’s played the game more than me, and now that I have more time, everyone will see what I’m capable of. Daaamn… fighting words


You can follow Reynald on twitter @12eynald

And so, we look forward to see what will happen at MLG (NEXT WEEKEND!!!! 8 -10 JUNE) and EVO!

And MLG have just announced their prize pot for KOF XIII


Spring Championship, Anaheim, CA June 8th-10th

1st Place: $2,500
2nd Place: $1,250
3rd Place: $750
4th Place: $500


Each Player above 100 registered Players will add $50 to the prize pool.


Well, I don’t know about 100 players but damn, the fight for 3rd and 4th place is gonna be TREMENDOUS!!!


Oh yeah here’s that match:


If you want to see the grand finals, check out the replay

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