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SNKP System tutorial and gameplay notes vid

Don’t you just love it when the founding company of the game you love make tutorial and gameplay vids, and you find something new out? Makes you feel so nice and loved inside.

Anyways, SNKP made a system tutorial and gameplay notes vid for KoF XIII that will help anyone understand the game better.

1:00 to 1:51 – When cancelling into HD, if you delay the cancel you will get an automatic attack after your autodash. Which attack you get depends on which button was detected first.

1:51 to 2:08 – Some stuff about mid-air HD activation, showing a K’ combo where he activates HD in mid-air mid-combo.

2:19 to 3:00 – Alternating guard, which we should all know about by now

3:01 to 3:25 – Certain attacks that will tag you if you block low but will whiff completely if you don’t block (Vice’s far D used as an example). You can use this to create openings and start a combo.

3:26 to 4:17- If you end your HD combo with a HD Cancel or use a NeoMAX, the Drive gauge will not fill up for a short period afterwards. So it might be interesting to try combos that account for this waiting period before you can start filling up the drive gauge again.

4:18 to 5:01 – Hurtboxes while in standing/crouching hitstun are uniform across all characters so all combos should work on all characters. However there are differences when you do attacks that ‘lock’ the opponent (e.g. Shen’s command grab) so there may be differences in followup capabilities there.

5:02 to 5:51- Some NeoMAXes become anywhere juggle when they’re MAX Cancelled. This can be combined with the fact that some supers can be MAX Cancelled when whiffed to let you connect NeoMAXes in situations where you wouldn’t otherwise think it possible to connect them (including off a throw!)

5:52 to END – During a character’s crumple animation, the first few frames are vulnerable to throws. I knew about this from 1.1 as show in my cmv vid ( at 2:20 )

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