Saiki’s Murder Recipe

A short combo video showing things with Saiki , all of the combos are authored and recorded by U??? / Urasia, who happens to be a high ranking player world wide right now on the PS3 version.

The original movie title is something like “KoF XIII Console version Saiki 2 gauge instant death & others”, the general title of the video is “combo recipe” but I couldn’t help but to include a reference to one of light novels that I have liked the most lately. The movie itself has some notations, but most of them are clearly showed within the video such as “when 234+C hits an airbone enemy” or “vs air enemy counter CD attack” , “corner combo” , “mid screen” , “without corners” and other things like that. The video ends at 4 : 00 , but after that we have a list with the notations and bar requirements for each combo. One of the combos is a setup rather than a combo, but oh well; it’s not bad to know more anyway.

Title : KOF XIII ??? ????????? ?

Source :

Description : ???????????????????????????????BGM???????BGM?Diabolosis????????

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Published by Toxic Avanger

Stupid Drunkyard

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