3 ON 3 – 11th March 2012


https://orochinagi.com/2012/03/3on3-travel-alert  <<<< Please read!!! Central Lines closures!!!

Welcome to the 3ON3

This is the last tournament Orochinagi will stage before Gunsmith moves to France.  It’s 3 on 3 (one character each) but with a promotional twist.  Any known player of an advanced level will not be allowed to enter unless they bring 2 beginners to make up their team.

Understand it well, this is a promotional push for KOF.  Orochinagi is putting in the last of their resources to get more players into the community.  If people are tired of not having people to play with, it’s time to make an effort, and make things change.

No whining tolerated, players will have to think of something to lure in more players, and there is a huge mass of beginners out there wanting to play, with no mentor willing to help them.

There is also a UMVC3 side tournament, and I know for sure there are lots of players there that also have been trying KOF.

It is completely free to enter, no entry fee, no tournament fee.  Teams of beginners are completely welcome.

SIGN UP HERE – Captains that are looking for teams should say so.  Beginners, first come first served!  You should also state which character you are using.

There will be a stream. More details soon.

Update: 4th place captain gets a Neo geo pocket, courtesy of TKO Supa!

Update: A small Hori stick has been donated by EXDP Medion!

Update: Team lists https://orochinagi.com/2012/02/3on3-team-updates

More runner up prizes coming!

Venue Directions: Get to West Ruislip on the Central line, turn right out the station and walk for 5 minutes.  That’s all!

Full directions to the pub and more details about it can be found at whitebearpub.co.uk

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