CafeId Results Mad_KOF casual matches

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CafeId Results Mad_KOF casual matches

   FGC News ,,   January 21, 2012  1 Comment

Thanks to MAD_madkof for posting this:


Rugal’s Invitation result –
1st – Vash
2nd – MAD_madkof
3rd – Poongko 

Replay available here.


(Edited, thx Mad_KOF) Mad_KOF normally streams on a popular Korean stream website called “Afreeca”. However, foreigners cannot access to Afreeca for free. Thus a fan requested to upload daily stream video on a YouTube channel, and MAD_KoF accepted the request.

For viewer’s convenience, description will have time-stamps for each match, skipping unnecessary waiting time.

He’s glad to share videos with all KoF fans throughout the world.
(READ THE DESCRIPTION – it contains links to all the matches within the video – including versus PSN Rank 1 player U-rasia)

(Including Matches versus otika1989)




MAD_KoF’s YouTube channel :

MAD_KoF’s Tiwitter :!/MAD_KoF13

MAD_KoF’s Facebook :


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