Local Battles/ 8WayRun Finals feat Rogue Yoshi

If you don’t know Rogue Yoshi, he’s the guy who ‘broke’ Joe Higashi by finding out some insane combo.  To be fair, Haregoro had covered most of the method behind the madness on arcade, but nobody had yet to reproduce the combo on console.

Anyway, Rogue Yoshi came down to Local Battles to the KOF XIII event (that we told you about)!  Does he get to do his combo of death?  Watch the grand finals and find out!  Thx to 8WayRun for streaming.

If you’re in the NJ/NY area, you MUST get yourself down to Local Battles and join in on the beatdown, fun!

Yo, KOF is picking up huge speed.  I don’t even need to organise events at the moment, there are so many!!!  Still, those sticks have got to be given away before March…



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