confirms 5 cd pre-order bonus

As much as ON appreciates your support for buying through Amazon, and that it’s 99% sure that such a major retailer will honour the pre-order bonus, at the same time, the hardcore fans deserves a 100% guarantee, and the UK fan may well find this particular deal hard to beat: you can pick up KOF XIII for either 360 or PS3 for £32.86 and it will be guaranteed delivered (free of charge) on day of release.  You get the 5 cds (4 soundtrack cds + digital art cd), you get the reversable sleeve, the mini poster and if you have a quidco account, you can also get 4% cashback!

It gets even better for UK customers:

Release Date Or Compensate (UK addresses only) 

As Hardcore gamers ourselves at ShopTo.Net we know more than most just how important it is to receive games by the release date, so we are pleased to introduce a revolutionary and unheard of scheme which will earn you money if we fail to deliver!

For every pre order of a new release product you place with us, you will automatically qualify for a £3.00 store credit should we fail to deliver this product on time.

This offer is strictly for pre-orders of new releases which are made by 12pm two days before the official release date – this will usually be 12pm Wednesday. An item bought as “In Stock” does not qualify as a pre-order; it must be processed under our pre-order system.

By using 1st Class Recorded Delivery we’re able to see when our games are delivered, so if you can show us your game was delivered late then we’ll compensate you!

So… no excuses now.  Go and pre-order (360 or PS3).    O r    y o u    w i l l   r e g r e t    i t!

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