CVS3: Ono = Oh no or Oh yes?

Sheesh, word gets round fast.  From the interview with Ono about Poison:

(EGM) Then, before I leave, since everybody is always telling you on
Twitter or wherever else what they want from you and Capcom… I want Capcom
vs. SNK 3.

(Ono) Ahhhh. [laughs] I wasn’t necessarily sold on that idea until I played The
King of Fighters XIII
. I’m actually really impressed with it, and think
they did a great job with it. So, you know, I’m open to the idea, at least more
than I was before.

Doors are opening (have you voted on the poll yet? Needs to be sent by the end of this week) and possibilites become greater…  Now, here at Orochinagi, we are not deaf: after all the praise that was poured on SFIV, we noted that a backlash started to appear against Ono.  What wasn’t clear was the reason- was it because of unsatisfactory production decisions or is it just that people will moan about anything?

Ono has already shown his interest in making a new Darkstalkers and it is pretty safe to assume that it will be in 2.5D (3D models on a 2d plane).  Considering the hand drawn pixel quality of Vampyre Saviour, this has caused a bit of an uproar.  If Ono were to get his hands as producer of CVS3, we would assume the same would happen – now look at the pros and cons.  Pros: 3D models are easy to adjust, and costumes are far easier to make.  With computerised stretching and warping of textures, there is no need to redraw sprites.  Imagine!  Cons: It’s 3D.

People can moan about SFIV all they like, look at its success and profitability.  But is that what we really want?  Would CVS3 be in good hands with Ono?

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