KOF XIII: 3v3 No doubles rule

niconico (and by extension SMOAI) uploaded another of the lengthy ???? series (Taisen Douga or competition vids), however unlike the other ones here we have one that includes a very interesting rule : 3 people form a “team” and each will fight a battle; but we have that within a team no player can select the same character; that means that if player A uses K’ player B and C can’t select him and so.

The idea is very interesting but it’s “bad” that we can’t see it on a large tournament or a large event such as the ones from Acho or KCE, you can tell that some players like experience with some characters, and this is probably so because they had to “give away” their main characters to the other more prolific members of the team.



I hadn’t noticed that a single drive cancel + EX move x 2 from Vice could do +50%

Published by Toxic Avanger

Stupid Drunkyard

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