Edit: Thanks for the info, lawler and EDDR – Hummer from Japan agreed to a first to ten against Luis Cha and Bart in a “GGPO” Challenge – but this is offline.  Thanks to Dark Geese, Hummer came all the way to Mexico.  Dark Geese even had his camera stolen in the process.  No doubt the criminal was a SF fan :p

Here are the videos, which are interesting just to see the high level of May Lee and Angel action.  Mexico had adopted Angel quite simply because she is Mexican, however, she turned out to be quite a monster character!  May Lee was similar in execution, so it’s no surprise they’ve taken her up too. If Mexican players had been present at SBO, where Kula, Billy and Vanessa were ruling as top tier, what would have happened?

More from Dark Geese’s Channel – Thanks to Photon for the news.

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