Interview with Fox, WGC 2002um Winner

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Interview with Fox, WGC 2002um Winner

Maxmode has now translated the interview with Fox so you can read about how he felt winning the 2002um tournament at Cannes, his rivalry with Frionel and Salim, leaving France, the scene in Guadeloupe and returning for the tournament.

Hi Marvin, first of all, can you introduce yourself. It seems no one knows you. When you won the 2K2UM finals, the only reaction on the streaming chat was like “ho Frionel was not having a good day”….

Well, I am a KOF 98 player in the beggining, but I started to play seriously since NeoWave. I’ve been playing  2K2UM since it’s released. In the beggining, I was the best player. I was playing with Frionel and Amine (Tom Sawyer). They were the best. I won all the frists ranking battles and tournaments, Frionel never beat me in a head to head.

To read more, go into Maxmode!

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