Just waiting for Salim’s video to be subtitled (or dubbed) but all the other videos, interviews and photos are here now! Scroll down to check it out!

A massive thank you to Hokuto from La Mythik for bringing KOF XIII to London!  The community had a whip round to help pay for travel costs, our top donator being ATB_555 who donated £14.20!! Kudos!!

Group A

Deejay vs Giga D

Darkside vs Truepace

Kusogaki vs Zakuta

7ten vs Rayokarna

Quarter Finals
Giga D vs Darkside

Kusogaki vs Rayokarna

Semi Finals
Kusogaki vs Giga D

Group B

Robocop Two vs Mecha_Trueno

Atb 555 vs Wolflink123

MichelS vs Gunsmith

Emperor Cow vs Zero Niiro

Quarter Finals
Atb_555 vs Robocop Two

MichelS vs ZeroNiiro

Semi Finals

Atb_555 vs MichelS

For Third Place
Kusogaki vs Atb_555

Grand Finals:
Giga D vs Michels

Congrats to everyone who took part to make the great event that it was! Good times!



Salim (subtitles coming!)

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