Tourn 5: 10th Dec 2010 Results:

I didn’t want to clutter the main page with a results page so i’m updating this one 🙂

Player Summary:

“Rounds” mean stages of the Round Robin, not in-game rounds.

I had to score the match for Shinefist v Hippolyte as no contest since they couldn’t play each other. If they ever get to connect they can decide to re-do the scores heh. As for now well done everyone. . . hope it was fun and getting games in – which is what this is all about. Next one up soon.

Hippolyte62 10 (Individual accumaltive wins) – 0 (Individual accumulative losses)

Shinefist 10 – 2

Online Can Dead 9 – 4

Shintamagoryu 6 – 7

Howtoread 5 – 10

clientmonde81 4 – 9

BicyclicPlanet6 2 – 12

BEGINNERS Tournament #5

Date of the tournament :

Friday 10th December 2010 at 21h15 GMT on xbox Live. Make sure you know your time region in your country to match.

Number of players :



To register leave a comment HERE with your gamertag and location.

Registration Example :

Gamertag : Donald McRonald
Connection : ADSL 4 Mbits/s
Country: UK

– First replies get priority.


– On the day at 21:15 I will send u a text asking if u wanna play, reply with yes/no.

– If yes i’ll send you the the name of your opponent? I will create a party which you can join.? If the party is full I will tell you who to play via text anyway.? I will also ask you to text me the winner and score (i.e. “i win 2-1”)

– You must know how to create player matches and invite ppl to your games, that may involve writing down the name of your opponent if your not in a party to quickly select it.

– accept friends request with your opponent, you can leave the party to avoid lag from ppl talking and then rejoin if you want

– if party is full don’t worry I will text you the name of your next opponent

– First to 2 wins for everything, if many ppl play it may be single match round robin.

– Default settings in player match (60 seconds, no boss characters etc. EX Takuma/Robert allowed)

– Round Robin system based on wins (including rounds), draws = elimnation match.

– Can change characters during the tournament.
– If it?s laggy, tough it up. Remember that we don?t all live in the same time zone. It sucks, but what can you do?
– If one player drops, that person forfeits the MATCH. You may still go for best out of 3 games.
– If both player drops, redo the match. If it happens a second time, it?ll count as a draw (meaning the games would be 1-1, and the last match will be a tie-breaker).

You don’t have to register to the forum, just leave a message on the main page and be on at the right time.

BEGINNERS Tournament #4 results HERE

Online Can Dead 9 – 4
Shintamagoryu 6 – 7

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