KOF College Tourney #4

For the last 4 weeks at college, we’ve had a KOF tournament,?introducing 2002 to a new crowd.? We had a huge turnout this week, with more upsets as players are getting used to the tactics.? It’s getting interesting!

This week’s results:

Khang vs Marcus

Johnellvs Tashan

Adrian vs Bekir

Slamek vs Jake

Gabriel vs Bruno





Master of the Joe crouching D, Bekir, was defeated by his student, or you could say tactics thief, Adrian, who has come a long way since when he first played the game he didn’t know how to block!? Antonio had to face Asif and won a round but then crashed out.? Newcomer Slawek defeated Jake while Bruno entered confidently only to?get smacked up by Gabriel!

Due to the large turnout, we have to stage?2 next week.? Get practicing people!

Next Week’s Line up:

A. Khang vs Johnell

B. Adrian vs Slamek

C. Gabriel vs Maten

D. Japhet

Semi finals = A vs B / C vs D?, then finals.

I may contact you to stage matches sooner.

Don’t forget the facebook group to keep in touch:



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