2002um: Japan vs France (London 6th Feb 2011)

Bata (JP) and Salim (FR) have confirmed the date: 6th February.

This will be a face off of epic proportions.

Bata, as you know, destroyed the representatives from the UK and Taiwan at SVB10. Salim has visited London before and done the same. Now we’ll see who’s best, in a “best of 10 matches” competition.

Venue tbc. I am working on getting streaming set up. Bata and Salim would like to recoup their travel fare, so they are accepting money matches. Drop a comment if you would like to throw down a challenge – we will be central or east London, UK.

Console: xbox 360

Big thanks goes out to Kusogaki from KOF-UK, as Bata’s point of contact. We worked hard to make this happen.

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