Older Neogeo Titles head to the PS3 this month. . .

Older Neogeo games head to PS3/PSP December 22nd

(in Japan)


The PS3 versions are being priced a couple of hundred yen above the PSP versions. Other differences include full online play and friend list support for the PS3 versions. The PSP versions will support ad-hoc multiplayer play.

The initial lineup of titles hits on December 22 and will include:

The King of Fighters ’94
Fatal Fury 1
Samurai Spirits 1
Art of Fighting 1

Metal Slug 1
Magician Lord
Super Sidekicks (Tokuten-o)

ASO II Last Guardian
League Bowling
Baseball Stars Professional

Time to show SNK that you want kof? in a years time. 🙂 Expect overseas announcements to follow shortly.

According to neogaf:

Wait, they’re selling the PS3 and PSP versions separately?

Update: Neo Geo games are headed to the U.S. PSN on December 21. The PS3 versions cost $8.99, while the PSP ones cost $6.99.

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