So I’m in France for the holidays and looking for a little kof action, and as La Mythik had just closed, I headed down to VS Dojo.

The last time I was here it was quite quiet and the opening times make it a little difficult for meeting after work mid week. However, it’s the holidays, and I was pleasantly surprised to see? the place was heaving!


VS Dojo is much like a small Japanese arcade, with versus cabinets, albeit side by side. SFIV, GG, 3S, ST, KOF 2002, 2002UM and XIII, amongst others.

2002UM was busy and some guy was beasting with Hinako. While waiting in the queue, I noticed the XIII machine was occupied by only one guy on practice mode so I threw down a couple of challenges.? The guy pretty much destroyed me, with what seemed like 90% damage combos with various characters!? By the time I could manage to get him down to his last character (my Ash finally woke up), I was quite broke lol.? I had to ask him for his name.

It was Frionel, the 2002um WGC champ. I didn’t feel so bad now lol.

He commented that XIII is a very easy game in comparison to 2002UM.? He also thinks that he is currently the strongest XIII player but the rest are catching up fast!? He confirmed he will be entering WGC 2011 for both KOFs… there’s going to be trouble and it’ll be a good fight between him and Salim, I’m telling you!? Rumours have it Mr. KOF will be coming down… I’m very tempted to fly over to Cannes just to watch the carnage!

There’s also news of a new arcade opening up down the road, at twice the size, on two floors in a few days… More on this soon…

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