Apparently from the upcoming Arcadia, a11111357 posted a long list of changes for this upcoming rework of KOF98UM.? It could all be fake, but makes interesting reading.

Here’s a translation by our very own SonicTempest:

Quick summary –
Iori and Krauser nerfed, everyone else buffed.
Attacks that were easy to crouch under (like Shermie’s close C and Billy’s f+A) have had their hitboxes adjusted so that this isn’t the case anymore
Charge times standardized for Ralf’s Gatling Attack, Kim’s Ryuusei Raku ( sonicboom .K ) and Choi’s Shippuu Hishou Zan ( sonicboom .P )
Attacks with short invincibility have had more invincibility added (e.g. EX Mai’s flashkick .K , Lucky’s DP .B , Vice’ qcf qcf .K )

qcf .B has less lag
MAX QCFHCB .P has its startup increased/reduced by 2F (the kanji is missing lol) and after the super flash it has no invincibility

First hit of his close C now hits crouchers
jump C can now be cancelled into mid-air special moves
qcf qcf .B has faster startup

His step in Extra mode is now the same distance as Kyo’s
Scum Gale takes longer for Iori to return to a neutral animation, so much so that dashing weak attack -> scum gale loops aren’t possible anymore

close C startup is 2F slower
far C does less damage
far D does less damage
ground CD does less damage and a smaller frontal hitbox
RDP .K does less damage . .D version has no more invincibility. Move has 5F more lag at the end
qcf .K does less damage (starting to see a pattern here)
QCB .P / .K does less damage. Strong version has faster startup, but also more lag
HCBFWD .P does less damage
QCFHCB .P has more lag. Pressing both buttons does not strengthen the move as it did before

Kyo (both)
far A lag shortened by 2F (can link to far D)
down A lag shortened by 1F

Kyo (Normal)
qcf .A ‘s damage increased from 10 to 13. Autoguard frames increased by 2.
The hitbox on the .B R.E.D. Kick as it starts descending has been extended downwards. The rest of the hitboxes are unchanged.
QCB .P ‘s counterattack on startup can be triggered by more moves now

Kyo (EX)
qcf .P has 3F less lag, but builds less meter

far B’s damage increased from 4 to 7
qcf .C does only 1 hit but it puts the opponent in a juggle state. Contributes less to the stun meter as well.
QCB QCB .K has 3F faster startup
qcf qcf .A .C has 9F less lag

df .C has a smaller hittable box
HCBFWD .K will enter the throw animation as soon as the active frames start (? not sure about this one, would appreciate a correction)
HCF HCF .K will now counter attacks on the super flash frame. It has more lag, and the damage has been redistributed – the last hit will do the most damage

Geese (both)
close C has its hitbox extended downwards
fwd .B has 2F of frame advantage

Geese (Normal)
DP .A will hit crouchers and has less lag on finish (same as the .C version)

Geese (EX)
Hitbox on all variations of Raging Storm have been enlarged

Yuri (both)
jump A can be cancelled into special moves
jump CD can be cancelled into special moves

Yuri (Normal)
Raiouken has less lag and has a little bit of frame advantage on block
A standing .A will connect after QCB .D hits, but the move only does 7 damage per hit now (down from 9)

Yuri (EX)
QCB .C has less lag, has some frame advantage on block (number of frames is corrupted)

Mary (both)
Spin Fall has less lag. The rest of this line is butchered by corrupted characters (something about 50/50)
No other changes to either version

Yashiro (both)
close D has had its hitbox moved lower (or it hits low now…hard to tell)
Easier to cross up with jump C

Yashiro (Normal)
HCF .A has 2 frames less lag
qcf .P after HCF .A has to be input 3F earlier?
QCB .K contributes a lot more to the stun meter

Terry (both)
.D Crack Shoot no longer whiffs against crouchers. Less lag on finish. Has some frame advantage if the opponent guards the edge of the move.
(If you hit with it in mid-air you can do a jump D as a followup – EX Terry can do a Power Geyser as a followup)
.C Rising Tackle has longer invincibility
far B’s damage increased from 5 to 6

Terry (normal)
.B Power Charge now does 8 damage. .D version does 12 damage.
.D Power Dunk has more invincibility. If the first hit trades you can do a followup attack
qcf qcf .D has longer invincibility.

Terry (EX)
First hit of Fire Kick can be cancelled into special moves
Round Wave builds less gauge
All version of Power Geyser have had their startup quickened by 8F. However, they have no more invincibility after the super flash.

Andy (both)
first hit of close C has had its hitbox extended downwards
.C Zan’eiken has slower startup but less lag

Andy (EX)
Hishouken has 5F less lag

Joe (both)
df+B has less lag

Joe (Normal)
df+B OTGs
.D Slash Kick has had its hitbox extended downwards, and will hit normal-sized characters who are crouching

Joe (EX)
Hurricane Upper has a bigger hitbox
First hit of Bakuretsuken has had its hitbox extended downwards, has 2F less lag on finish (if you stop the input on the first hit, the opponent will not be pushed back and you can continue pressuring with a close C, a down A or whatever)

Ryo (Normal)
.C Ko’ouken has the same startup speed as the .A version
.C and MAX versions of Haoushoukouken have had their startup speed changed to the same as the weak version

Ryo (EX)
f+A knocks down if not cancelled into
.B Hien Shippuu Kyaku has 8F less lag on completion
.A Ko’ouken (midair) has had its angle made slightly shallower
Haoushoukouken has faster startup, and the weak and MAX versions will combo from light attacks

Robert (both)
stand CD has more reach
f+A has a bigger frontal hitbox
air QCB+K has had its finishing lag reduced – B version by 4F, D version by 3F
Strong and MAX Haoushoukouken have had their startup made the same speed as the weak version

Robert (EX)
.B Hien Senpuu Kyaku allows for followups after it hits (e.g. far C in the middle of the screen, uppercut in the corner)
MAX Ryuuko Ranbu has 10F additional invincibility

Discussion Thread:

Thanks to SonicTempest for the heads up.


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