2k2 GGPO tournament

Thanks to Gunsmith for allowing to edit posts here.

As KOF 2k2 UM is hitting Xbox Live soon Orochinagi wants to support the scene and doing a little pre-Live ggpo kof2k2 tournament. As the community is small I don’t expect many players but brackets can be increased if demand exceeds.

Date of the tournament : Thursday 28 October 2010 at 23h00 BST on GGPO 2k2 Room. Make sure you know your time region in your country to match.

Number of players :

8 players, 16 if reserves exceed.


To register leave a comment HERE with your username in GGPO and your connection speed.

Registration Example :

GGPO handle : Usernamer123
Connection : ADSL 8 Mbits/s
Country: UK

– First replies get priority.
– Once brackets full, names will go into reserves if one player is not there first reserve will take his place. So reserves, please be there to be ready to take someones place.


– Everyone has to come in time or the next available reserve listed will take his place.
– Can change characters during the tournament.
– Europe and North America/Mexico/Moroc welcome if they have established to have acceptable pings with the countries involved – ping under 200, under 150 ideal.

You can also leave a message on the forum page if you want or to cancel etc. Also I’ll put some info in the forum page about the potential Live 2k2um tournaments if the lag isn’t silly and how the lobby turns out etc.

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