XIII Combo Tutorials

Jesus, Joe, srsly, wtf.

This video also shows that you can pretty much tack on Kyo’s EX orochinagi to anything, as it hits within one frame of animation.


Thx DC

Some notes on the vids by Toxic Avanger :

– Maxima has a bug where his standing A will add bar regardless of connecting or not, details are unknown (though the player knew how to trigger this).
– As suspected, Raiden can use air kicks without losing the charge time for the drop kick, similarly to how he can use a guard CD without losing it.
– This has been pretty much clear since near the start but I don’t remember people speaking about it… Mature’s infinite doesn’t seem to work on large characters (the infinite relies on catching the character at a certain specific height, playing against a large character makes catching them at that height impossible since they are bigger and you can’t properly time how deep the attack lands against them, I haven’t noticed if that applies to short characters (like Chin)). Joe’s infinite should be the same since it relies on a similar concept.

… Following that, Haregoro-san should have gotten better results by placing Maxima as the last character (since most of his losses where due to the infinite)… Then again, Hiroto-san could have placed Mature at the start to evade that match up…. I remember facing situations like that (fighting vs character specific bug match ups) a lot in 99′.

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