KOF SkyStage Stage Rundown (Part 3)

After wiping the floor (or sky) at the Geese Tower, not by Geese, but by the Dark Counterparts of Kyo and Iori. We bid America farewell and we fly (literally) to…


Europe (which IS a mishmash of various European sights)

We start off at the hills (which kind of remind me of Sound of Music), then at a Stadium in Spain, (where our dear friend, Laurence Blood battle bulls), then into some quiet European Town with bronze Statues from Italy and as we fly as well into a place full of gardens and labyrinth mazes made from hedges which looks like in France, then some Rural Polish Area then into some rainforest then up to a Castle.

As we fly in Europe we encounter some Nukamawarus (again), Red Varieties of the Nukakayois, Nukamodoris, Blue Burning People (or Kikakatamas), Hahaurokos and Kagachiagos. Unlike the previous stage, they swarm against you and their bullets… a lot, so be careful.

Then inside the castle, as we travel up until the middle of the hall, we meet this Very Nice People (this depends on the “Direction” you are going at the castle). These very nice people are…

b_index_shermie_bossOrochi Shermie


b_index_rugal_bossRugal Bernstein (Just good ol’ R-Man, not his Omega form just sitting in his throne with two hologram globes beside him)

Then the Battle Begins, on Orochi Shermie you can just battle her like the previous bosses (just watch out for her Shukumei Gensei Shinshi), but Rugal, you need Patience and Luck in this one…

Why Rugal? Not only he acts like the previous bosses, but his Hologram Globes shoot as well. However… watch out for his power meter, and he will throw out an ultra cheap Kaiser Wave which fills more than 3/4s of the game screen.

5 of the 6 Characters (Kyo, Mai, Athena, Terry and Kula) had counter moves against the Kaiser Wave. Sadly, Iori does not have a counter move against it (If you are using Iori, just pray to fight Orochi Shermie instead, unless you like to gamble).

Once this helluva ride is over, You can safely sail to Stage 4… (I do believe this rundown will be a little short unless…)

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