A New Challenger Appears: Wry Guy

Hello, all.? It seems I’ve been offered a spot to write for Orochinagi, though it’s doubtful anyone reading this really knows who I am.? I’m not the kind of guy who believes in long introductions, so I’d like to just that you will hopefully come to know me through my work on the site.? Let me say immediately however that I don’t presently consider myself a true member of this community.? That much may come with time, but for now I consider my one true home on the internet to be Destructoid.? At present I simply consider myself a guy who enjoys writing and loves King of Fighters and SNK in general; thus I’ve jumped on the opportunity to write for one of the few remaining KOF sites.? I hope to make this a better place with the content that I write, and hopefully I will be accepted.

If not, screw yous guys.

My first act of business here is going to be setting myself up and learning how to use the system Gunsmith has put into my hands.? After that I’m going to start introducing you guys to my King of Fighters Love Letter series of articles, which is mostly me writing fondly about the King of Fighters series in general, while also trying to compile the entire storyline of the series from start to finish.? It’s been quite a project so far, hopefully you’ll like it when I manage to get it onto the site.

As a heads up I do have one idea that may make this KOF storyguide thing more interesting:? I’ll be calling it Point Break.? The basic idea will be that after I post a story guide for, say King of Fighters 1994 you’re all free to ask me where I got certain information.? Examples would be “How do you know Saisyu Kusanagi fought Rugal Bernstein before the tournament?”? I would then give you the exact source of information I used, and if I for some reason can’t find anything that part of my article will be up for question until someone can provide new information.? Just an idea in the works, tell me what you think.? Excuse me while I spend some time figuring out how to use this site in the next few days.

Published by Wry Guy

Just a KOF fan from the Destructoid community looking to spread some KOF Love. We'll be seeing how well I fit in around here.

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