The weekend is OVER

Tim119 is the new SVB KOF XII Champ!

SVBTim119 is the new champ! Congrats!!!? Lots of fucking lols, kof heads, and lots of modded sticks!? Vids of the finals going up tomorrow.? But the rest… hmmm you might have to wait a little longer…

Gunsmith is knackered. Back at work and lots of vids to edit, plus two sticks to mod.? Practice, what? OMG Sanwa sticks are much looser than I expected!

KOF XII Blockstun – You may have figured out that it’s shorter than older KOFs – Read more at the vook.

Ash Crimson First Impressions Video

KOF XII PS3 reset issue? While 360 users have still been left to wait for a patch, things still may not be so rosy on the PS3 front.? Trying to beat that 3:30 record, with 2 mins on the clock and the finals to go, the game was loading and then… it reset.? I then noticed PSN network had updated their “what’s new” selection.? Coincidence?? It had reset once before, but I thought it was because my custom soundtrack had messed up the ps3 somehow, as loading times suddenly increased… hmmm.? Has this happened to you?? Goddam KOF 97 syndrome!

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