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SVB Competition + Site Updates: Vook, Gallery

   FGC News   August 18, 2009  No Comments

I’ve managed to re-upload all the galleries from our old site bar one or two that got lost =/

After a session with Bullet Proof (Neoempire) last night (thx for the rapeage) we had a chat about the state of affairs with XII (I might pod cast this later).? He also showed me a few things about XII, most of which (of course I got drunk near the end of the session) will be going up in the Vook.

Good Lord, Iori is just as bad ass as I feared, even when I tried him out when the game first came out in the arcades, I had this feeling he was going to be a pain.? Yup, pain, fear and suffering was dished out last night… and I just have to start training him up…. 😀

SVB COMPETITION have been supporting the KOF scene since 1997. SVB will not only include XII, but Tekken 6 will be there BEFORE its release for fans to try out on PS3.? Neoempire have given us a GOLD PASS to the tournament.? Gunsmith is just not ready for this game, so he’s passing on this FREE ENTRY (PLUS TOURNAMENT ENTRY OF YOUR CHOICE) to you.? All you have to do is use your forum account and send Gunsmith a private message with the reason why you think you should get this pass.? This reason can be serious, or funny or just plain stupid.? Perhaps your Granny wants to see you win SVB before she dies, maybe you’ve paid enough to travel on the Eurostar and would like to use entry money to buy food- just send him a message through the forums and let him know.?? Don’t have a forum account?? So sign up!? It’s easy!? Don’t want it afterwards?? We’ll delete it!

Don’t miss this chance to show your stuff at SVB.? There’s going to be SNK, Namco-Bandai, Capcom pwnage with a hot international flavour- you know who’s coming, you HAVE to be there!!!? Keep the scene alive and show your support with us – SEE YOU THERE!

SVB 11,12,13 September 2009 – London, UK More info

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