KOF XII delivery Gamestopped

As you may or may not know, I pre-ordered my KOF XII.? As you may or may not know, Gamestop actually released the game EARLY, before the official release date.? What’s even more amazing, my copy of KOF XII arrived in London, UK, on the 27th!!!!!!

However, this joyful event was offset by two things:

a) I was actually in Osaka, Japan, at the time.? They attempted to deliver twice and were about to “abandon” delivery when I called on the 3rd, just in time to re-arrange delivery.

b) I had to pay a VAT charge of ?17.90 on top of the retail price + shipping.? Nnnng.

Still, if I hadn’t been in Japan, I guess having the game before release date would have been pretty damn cool!? It should arrive today, don’t expect any updates :3 I’ll leave some comments as soon as I get into the whole lag/online play/broken raiden-mature-bug debate.

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