Country: Japan


Games: KOFXIII, 3S


Favourite characters: Shermie, Clark, KOFXIII’s Ralf and female characters


Likes: Reading opponents, Korean style BBQ


Dislikes: Kim’s Air Hangetsuzan, Pineapple


Favourite Match: Haregoro and Ogosho matches in general


Future Goals: I want good teaching skills for fighting games


Wants you to know: I’m mashing C when I’m eating combos


  • ?4?KCE??????
  • ?5?KCE??????
  • ?6?KCE??????

Track Record:

  • KCECup 4 – 2nd place
  • KCECup 5 – 2nd place
  • KCECup 6 – 2nd place


Twitter: @shibainutakechi

Facebook : n/a

Favourite Characters: Shermie Clark Ralf Vice 

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