Tung Guide KOFXIV

Tung Fu Rue



Contributors: (Main) Gillstolemyride


Best Position: Point

Best Tools:

  • Air senpu
  • air LP
  • qcf P
  • ranged qcb LP




  • Tung appeared in the very first Fatal Fury game.
  • Taught Geese




LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : best. chains into df LP (but then whiffs on crouchers so kinda useless)
  • Stand :
  • Far : Useless
  • Hop :  crossup fun but needs to hit late
  • Jump : same

Notes: spamming will lead to special move!


LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch :  Low profile / Good for anti air  / chains
  • Stand : hits low, chains into sLP, dfLP but it isn’t cancellable, has bad blockstun and doesn’t lead into anything
  • Far :
  • Hop : good anti air, has great range, and it’s the most height lenient button tung has to start combos from
  • Jump : same

Notes: lp: chains into dflp, (but on blocking crouchers it whiffs, so kinda useless)

hop: good for air to air


HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : chains into df LP.
  • Stand : chains
  • Far : chains into df LP
  • Hop : has decent range, but needs to be hit very low to combo from, acceptable blockstun
  • Jump : same

Notes: spamming will lead to special move! Cr HP > qcf P is best poke


HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : can be cancelled into light fireball for safety
  • Stand : his second best normals for anti airing, the only normal with frame advantage, can frame trap with crhp
  • Far :
  • Hop : hits twice at a particular angle
  • Jump : same

Notes: “Small jump D is maybe his most powerful tool. Can win both air to air and air to ground when timed well” – Frionel



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand:  safe on block at any distance
  • Air:



Command Normals


?LP “Ukouryu”

  • nothing else to chain with lol




qcfP “Shou Ha[EX]

  • Poke
  • HP has longer startup, combos into light lounge on hit (corner) and qcbx2 P
  • HP version has Plus frames unless point blank range but has too much pushback so can’t juggle unless in corner
  • EX causes wall bounce
  • Seems that LP version is +0 on block

Notes: Both fireballs are safe on block (strings into heavy fireball aren’t a true blockstring)


QCBP “Shenshippo[EX]

  • aka Lunge Punch
  • Poke
  • HP travels further
  • EX causes juggle
  • HP Lunge can blow up low projectiles like Terry’s from far away, but requires somewhat a hard read.

Notes: – Both Lunge punches can be spaced to be made safe.

– Kara (c+d) cancel heavy lunge punch goes full screen and links into super on hit, same for ex (no kara required), ex lounge is + on block.


Rapid P “Geki Hou” [EX]

  • Anti
  • EX does NOT cause juggle (lol)
  • Mashing P has upper body invulnerability from the 3rd frame onwards, but actual startup is somewhere near 13 frames.


DP“Ressen Kyaku” [EX]

  • Command grab
  • Fast but has barely any range
  • EX has more range!
  • 1f startup and is his most damaging meterless ender from cl.HP, df+LP


(air) QCB“Air Senpu Ken” [EX]

  • Sets up a juggle whenever it hits air-to-air.

Notes: needs to be very low and late to combo, both in front and as crossup, good frame advantage on both hit and block


Supers & Climax

QCBx2 P “Senpuu Gou Ken” [Max]

  • Multi Hit
  • Max version is faster with more hits


qcfx2 K “Dai Geki Hou”

  • causes juggle
  • Max doesn’t cause juggle
  • climax cancel (any hit)


qcfx2 PP “Kyoku Koureishin” 

  • *applause*


Best Combos


  • Jhk > cr hp df LP > max > crhp > dfLP xx qcfPP > QCBPP > QCBPP
  • 462 damage (hyper hop Jhp safe jump 4 frames)
  • jhk >  crhp > dfLP > light fireballDM1
  • (399 damage)
  • jhk >  crhp > dfLP > light loungeDM2
  • (407 damage)



  • jhk > crhp > dfLP > max > crhp,dfLP xx qcfPP > QCBPP >  light lounge, dm2 (604 damage)
  •  jhk > crhp > dfLP > max > crhp,dfLP > qcfPP  > QCBPP >  light lounge**dm1 (514 damage, works anywhere)
  • crlk,crlp,dfLP > max > crhp,dfLP xx qcfPP  > QCBPP >  light lounge, dm2 (511 damage)
  • crlk,crlp,dfLP > max > crhp > dfLP > qcfPP  > QCBPP >  light loungedm1 (441 damage) works anywhere, might do less damage, full corner to corner carry.




  • Jhk > crhp > dfLP > QCBLP > qcfx2 K xx QCBx2PP
  • (520 damage) almost full corner to corner confirm)




  • Jhk > crhp > dfLP > max > crhp > dfLP > qcfPP > air QCBLP >  air QCBPP > air QCBLP > air QCBLP >  QCBLP > qcfx2 K xx qcfx2PP
  • 868 damage
  • Jhk >  crhpdfLP > max > Crhp > dfLP xx qcfPP




  • Low starters: crlk is better than stlk (20 more damage and more range)
  • all followups are the same for damage (crlk,stlp and crlk,crlp are the same damage wise)
  • crlk,jab into dfa on average max into super confirm is the string of choice from low, since scaling doesn’t affect the damage with short combos such as – crlk,crlp,dfa**ex fireball, ex lounge, light lounge juggle into max 2 AA super.
  • 564 from air senpuu ken (1 hit) and 511 from crlk,crlp,dfa
  • Cancels into light fireball or ex fireball will always connect, heavy fireball is not comboable outside of corner c+d** heavy fireball (sets in air juggle)
  • jhk does more damage than jhp if both hits come out, also more blockstun
  • jc+d counter hit will sets on for juggle and big damage with air senpuu ken loops



Hori.Sako made quite an impression with his Tung combo.  I can’t find the original but Gillstolemyride has replicated it here



With a variety of timing you can “frame trap” the opponent with crhp*+fireball “mixups.  CrLP has poor range, makes dfLP whiff on block, leaving you open for punishes and has next to no blockstun!

stand hk is his second best normal, good anti air, also the only button he has with frame advanatge, frame traps into crhp, although crhp on block or hit is kinda unhitconfirmable, unless you’re an alien.
jhk can be intentionally whiffed at the first hit to have the second connect later in the jump and apply the blockstun.
c+d can be used to kara stuff (cancel)
also decent to apply the same fireball mixups from crhp**fireball
air c+d on CH leads to great combo possibilities

You can juggle off all the senshippo (lunge punches) but of course from ex you can do it grounded as the move itself sets in juggle, all normal lunge punches can juggle with Geki hou DM on air hit.

Ressen kyaku is a 1 frame startup command grab, it can be used for certain punishes at close-ish range.

Senpuu gou ken can be used to punish fireballs at close range, ex works even better.

Moreover, if you have good execution on long / high jumps, crlk whiff mash geki hou is an option, since crlk will low profile.

ALL supers are strike invincible on startup, possibly grab.



Vertical: shk, dfa, dai geki hou, crlk**geki hou

Horizontal: C+D, AA Dai geki hou,

Situational: fireballs, lunge punches, late climax can work

Air to air: jC,jD,JLK


jlp is the crossup of choice. Air senpuuken can work too if spaced and timed correctly.


Lows: crlk,crlpdfa light lounge 170 (less corner carry, more advantage, combos into dm2, combos into dm1 but opponent falls out, combos into climax)
— Crlk,crlpdfa heavy lounge 175 (more corner carry, less advantage) crlk,crlp+dfa*light fireball 166 (combos into dm1 for 306 damage, dm2 for 314)
High (jumpins etc): jhk, crhp,dfalight fireball 259 (249 with jhp) (379 with dm1) jhk, crhp,dfalight lounge 263(253 with jhp) (407 with dm2)







Frame Data

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