Shun Ei – KOF XIV

Shun Ei




Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools:



Misc: The official hero of KOFXIV, yet the legacy and story still belongs to Kyo.



LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand:
  • Air:


Command Normals

? LPname”

  • Overhead


?LK “name”

  • Won’t cancel out of chain


?? P “Hikiokoshi”

  • Use after Headbutt or Rolling Sobat

bk fwd dwn df ufdb ub db-uf qcf QCB qcbHCF hcf HCB DP RDP.360 HCBFWD QCFHCB QCBHCF flashkicksonicboom hcfbk holddown up- dwn qcdqcbd ddf



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



Supers & Climax

HCB x2 P “name [Max]

  • Type
  • Max version is..
  • .


QCBHCFK “name”

  • A


HCBx2 KK “name” Climax

  • Notes

bk fwd dwn df ufdb ub db-uf qcf QCB qcbHCF

Best Combos

Optimal x bars 

Pole Position

  • H
  • damage


Mid position

  • damage



  • K
  • 471 dmg




by TrulyaMiracle

Shun’ei is the new protagonist of KoF 14. As the new poster child he straight up looks like he came out of Persona, and even sort of plays like an anime character from an “air-dasher” fighter.
Shun has some very unique tools in KoF, which are his air dashes, called “Thruster Vision”, from which he can use any attack on the way down. They’re very similar to any other airdash really, but Unlike regular airdashes his are specials (done with qcf and qcb motions). They give him a way around many projectiles and have some uses in pressure and offense, but they also make his approach slightly predictable if you use them too much.

Shun outside of the airdashes is a very traditional KoF character, pretty straight forward stuff overall. Imo he benefits too much from meter for him to be put on point, so he’s better as second or even as an anchor.
Shun is one of the characters that profit a lot from  MAX-mode, in which you get access to his EX qcb+P, EX dp+P and his EX airdashes. They’re very good moves that make him a really pain to fight in neutral and they’re great combo extenders as well.

Shun’ei lacks a bit in the normal department. This is especially apparent in his pokes.
The most notable ones are his far D (8f/-3), st.B (6f/-3) and CD (14f/-8).
far D is a roundhouse kick, like many characters have. Unlike others it doesn’t cover a lot of ground though, but it does double as an anti-air.
st.B is quite good. It covers quite a bit of space, chains from cr.B, is a good height to stop hops and at the same time goes far enough to poke your opponents out.
His CD is a leaping kick that goes crazy far and it’s his furthest reaching normal. Can go over lows and throws once he’s airborne. CD qcb+C (whiff) qcb+A combos from anywhere wallstick. Not whiff cancellable.
His scarlet phantom special, qcb+P can be used as a poke, it advances forward and it’s safe so it’s useful in neutral.

Shuns jump-ins are j.B (6f), j.C (6f), j.D (7f) and j.CD (11f).
j.B is a downward angled light kick, works as a jump-in to combo from, or for tick-throw setups.
J.D. is where it’s really at for Shun. It’s angled downward and forward at about a 45° angle and can hit very deep. It can even cross-up, but is quite inconsistent on crouchers in that regard.
J.C is for deeper jumps and for cancelling into and out of airdashes.
Shun also has a good j.CD. It is slow to activate, but has a fairly large hitbox also angled downwards 45°, but also still hitting quite a bit in front of him.

Shuns best air-to-airs are most likely j.A (5f) and j.CD (11f).
j.CDs forward hitbox makes it good as a pre-emptive air-to-air, while j.A is very quick and has a forward angled hitbox.

Anti-airs are also relatively good with Shun. He has cr.C (7f/-5), an upwards elbow, that is good for high angled jump-ins and st.A (6f/-2) and st.B for checking hops.

His main specials are of course his thruster vision “air dashes”, qcf or qcb+K in the air. They make one of the ethereal hands, which Shun uses to fight appear and push him forward or backwards through the air.
The air dashes go a fair distance of about 60% of the screen and have a minimum height restriction. They are however useable at any point of his jump arc (and also cancellable from j.C or j.CD on hit or block).
From the air dashes, Shun can use any of his air normals. This is very useful for getting over fireballs from a distance where your opponent might not expect it, but also setting up your oki game after a knockdown (though it is very hard to land a cross-up from it). Also the backwards air dash can get you out of some sticky situations, but since it’s such a long air dash, it’s also easy to corner yourself with it.
EX airdashes don’t have a height restriction so you can Tigerknee them, and they are quicker.
Another thing you can do with EX airdashes is that you can cancel air normals in them more than once, with the regular airdash if you do j.C qcf+D j.C you can’t do anything else. With EXs however you can do stuff like j.C EX qcf+K j.C EX qcf+K till you run out of EX bar. This has gaps in it but it’s useful to get a guard crush.
You can also use it to back away after a jump in, something like j.C qcf+K j.C EX qcb+K.

Scarlet phantom (Qcb+P) has Shun dash forward a bit and quickly activate a punch with an ethereal red fist as soon as he’s within a certain distance from the opponent. If there’s no opponent close enough, Shun stops and recovers for a bit, open to potential punishes.
The A version (12f/-5) is close and C (16f/-6) is slower but goes further. If there’s nothing to hit Shun doesn’t do the attack and has some recovery. Both are safe on block thanks to the pushback.
On hit they cause a sliding knockdown from which Shun has several ways to set up safe jumps and cross ups. They’re good pokes from a close to medium distance as they activate immediately when in front of an opponent and because they have the hitbox slightly in front of Shuns hurtbox, making it possible to stuff a lot of other pokes. The hitbox of the fist is relatively big, so you can catch the start-up of hops. The move is however very punishable by neutral jumps, so you shouldn’t get to predictable with it.
The EX version (10f/-6) is extremely fast and wall-bounces, it makes for an extremely valuable neutral tool, it’s also safe. leads into EX DP, Rising and his rush super Specter extension, which does very high damage.

his dp+P special, Rising Efreet, shoots a red hand straight up into the air in front of him. Neither version is fully invincible, but the A version (10f/-13) is fast and can be used as a reactionary anti-air for regular jumps, because of its good hitbox.
The C version (18f/-16) moves Shun forward and has some upper body invincibility, but is relatively slow, so only really works as a predictive anti-air. You can combo qcb+A after it.
The EX DP (15f/-20) is invincible and also moves Shun forward. Has an extra hit that pops up pretty high. it also works as a reactionary anti-air since it is very quick.
The EX dp isn’t safe, but at least safer than the other versions, due to pushback. The second hit whiffs on crouchers however so be careful.
Together with EX qcb+P this move transforms Shun into a monster in neutral that gets huge damage from easy confirms.

Aqua Spear (qcf+P) is a stationary blue hand put out in front of Shun. It doesn’t have a hurtbox at the hand part of the attack, but its very slow to start up in either version except for EX. A (16f/-10) C (21f/-10). Its not very well useable for poking, but finds some use in combos at least.
EX (14f/-5) is a tad quicker and can be used in some juggles.

Blau Wing (air Qcf+P) is an air ethereal hand slap.
it’s the only move that combos from Shuns command normal, forward B. The A version (11f) keeps Shuns movement trajectory, but is unsafe on block. The C version (14f) bounces you back and is mostly safe outside of a few punishes. Comboable into qcb+A and dp+A in the corner, also combos into the EX versions of both in MAX-mode.
EX version (14f) does 3 hits and pops back. Can combo into the same things as the regular version.

Shun’s first super is Specter Extension, qcfx2+K (9f/-22), a rush super, easily comboable after qcb+P. The regular version has no invulnerability whatsoever, so no fireball punishes with that version.
The EX version (7f/-47) does have invincibility, so it can be used as a wakeup attack and for punishing fireballs. It is also extremely good in combos, since the additional elbow strike Shun does at the end of the EX version, does a set amount of damage, never mind proration.

The second super, Gaianic Burst, qcfx2+P (10f) is a projectile, where Shun clasps his ethereal hands together to fire off a huge bullet. Slow to start up, but goes through other projectiles.
The EX version (9f) shoots twice and has higher damage, but is generally worse for combos than the first super and relatively useless outside of combos. Feel free to not use this one.

Climax, Demolish Dimension (8f/-79). The attack goes straight up, has invincibility and works well as an anti-air, outside of combos. Otherwise it is really only used in combos. If the first hit connects, anime follows with a flurry of attacks with his ethereal hands. Good damage, but Shun normally spends his meter on raw MAX mode activation or confirming qcb+P into EX qcfx2+K.

Shun’s combos follow simple paths, once you learn them it should be smooth sailing from there

-cr.B cr.A cr.A qcb+A, cancel into qcfx2+K super for damage
– cl.C f.B (delay)qcf+A qcb+A, dp+A possible in the corner instead of qcb+A
– cr.B cr.B st.B MAX …
-Cl.C MAX …
-far C MAX …
-Cl.D MAX …
•MAX followups:
-MAX cl.C f.B qcf+A dp+AC qcb+AC (short dash) dp+C qcb+A
-MAX cl.C dp+AC dp+C qcb+AC qcb+A
-MAX cl.C f.B qcf+A dp+AC qcb+A qcfx2+BD

-Forward B (15f/-11) is Shun’s only command normal. It completely whiffs on crouchers and only cancels into air qcf+P. It has been used by some pros to set up throws and catch standing pokes from the opponent, it is very hard to utilize well though.
-for comboing air qcf+A after f.B, you need to delay the cancel a bit so you’ll have time to land and follow up with Qcb+A or EX moves.
-Cl.D (6f/-4) is a 2 hit normal, gives you some time to confirm but it’s not special cancellable. MAX cancel to get damage out of it.
-far C (11f/-4) is a decent range quick punch, you can do a second punch if you press C again, you can delay the second punch as well. Decent to hit confirm but far normals range.
-if you jump over the opponent and do qcf+K, Shun will do an air backdash and go back to the other side of the opponent. Very tricky but hard to capitalize off of it. You can do Plau wing (air qcf+A) after for a pop up into rush super.
-During juggles, if you’re out of MAX mode you can do cl.C MAX into a jump forward for a reset, here you can land j.D as cross up or front depending on the height, and you can do air dash shenanigans as well.

Deadly Reset


CD Set up

Lower invincibility on super


Too much with 5 bars?

CD glitch?

Multiple air attacks!

Reset and Option Select

Mixups (playlist)



Frame Data


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