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  • It’s his fiance in the accident.
  • He has two 3D models in the game, one for left and right side, to represent the bionic arm on the correct side.



Credit: EVB Marshall Law KOF Nelson Guide


LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : Same as his st.a. 4f and -1 on block, can be linked after cr.b or st.a then you can command normal from it.
    Very good low starter for pressure or mixups.
  • Stand : One of his fastest normals(4f) and its pretty safe(-2). What’s good about this normal is that it works on crouching opponents and can be chained into his overhead(6B) and/or low b which is his true low. So there’s a very strong mixup game with this one button. On top of that, it can be used to whiff punish then go into his RUSH(Auto Combo). By far one of his best buttons.
  • Far : Is pretty much the same as cl.a but covers more range with it being 6f and -1 on block. Sadly this move whiffs
    crouching opponents BUT good Anti Air vs short hops.
  • Hop :  Very good air to air normal and great at checking opponents out and keeping them honest on the ground.
    Even tho theres not much after you can get beside neutral being reset.
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : THIS IS YOUR TRUE LOW, links into cr.a and SUPER easy to hitconfirm with. 5f and -2 on block good use for pokes.
  • Stand : This button is very questionable. Reason being is because it whiffs on crouching opponents BUT! its 0f on block and it can be linked into his low a or b for a low game and chained into his overhead. So this button is very good but not somthing to use 100% of the time. Keep in mind, command normals can be used after this move. Not to mention its 5f.
  • Far : A slight better version of cl.b but much safe on block (+2) but still whiffs on crouching opponents. This move
    is 6f as well so not to bad in neutal and also to AA with but dont get to use it to often, theres better normals.
  • Hop : This button is pretty good why, its a 2 hit chain coming down and you can whiff the second coming down to mixup.
    Good offense/pressure tool.
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : This is a very good Anti Air normal vs Long jumps and its cancelable into anything so that means mixups on the
    way down . This normal is 6f and -10 on block, only use for AA.
  • Stand : NOW this button is godlike because it hits twice, that said its easy to hitconfirm and chained into command
    normals. this move can be chained with overhead into his combo strings. So if it didnt hit your safe to avoid all
    together. This move is 5f and -5 on block.
  • Far : THIS IS THE TO GO TO BUTTON! this normal is 9f which is kinda slow BUT the range this normal has believe it
    or not this normal stuffs hops,incoming offense so you can use this for defense, poke, maxmode confirm and blowback
    bait. All these options for it to be -3.
  • Hop :  Your to go to jump normal with it being VERY active. Use it.
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : His second low he has that gives him alot of options like dash cancel. 7f and -10 on block.
  • Stand : This normal is a VERY VERY good frame trap tool, hitconfirm, overhead chain, and plus1 on block so a solid
    poking tool. This move is 6f which is very good for a heavy button with those options, by far top 3 his best button
  • Far : This normal imo isnt all that good at all honestly besides whiff punish and maxmode cancel. 11f and -5 on block.
  • Hop :  This is another Questionable button due to the angle it hits, its decent at best.
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand: Sends his opponent flying fullscreen, also cancelable with special moves. 15f and -4 on block.
  • Air:  Very strong air to air normal that gives you freedom to get close, use it.

Command Normals

HP throw knocks back and opponent can recover
HK throw is a true knock down with a free mixup on wake up


Combinations and Strings Primer

#WHOSNELSON???? by @CoolzInferno

In the King of Fighters 14 demo, most of the characters are arguably pretty straightforward. Straight forward in the sense that they have like 1-2 command normals and a handful of specials that do things.

Nelson on the other hand has a crazy intimidating list of strings and combinations and his specials are a command dash and a command grab. If you try to look a little bit closer at his command list it makes a little more sense, he has Combinations LP through HK.

And you can go from Combination LP ? Combination LK ? Combination HP or HK.

That is true, but that’s also a very linear flowchart that doesn’t actually demonstrate exactly how his moves are able to be chained entirely. So after spending a couple of hours labbing about and trying to figure out how it all worked (after finding out something did work by sheer accident in mashing), I thought it’d be worthwhile to actually break it down into guide form.

For the purposes of this guide I’m renaming all of Nelson’s combinations, because they make much more sense with actual names rather than “Combination X”

Combination A – Starter

Combination B – Mid

Combination C – Ender

Combination D – Transitions

So in terms of general rules:

  • All of Nelson’s strings begin off of a Starter.
  • Starters have to be chained into a Mid.
  • You are allowed Two (2) Mids per string
  • You are able to chain Mids into Mids (once only), Enders OR Transitions Ender, as per the name is the final move in the string and cannot chain into anything else.
    • And this is not made apparent anywhere within Nelson’s command list.
  • String Cancels are able to be done on whiff

So this basically means instead of just doing Combination ABC or ABD, you’re actually able to do something like ABD, BD, C within the scope of one String Series.

Note: that if you try to do ABBD and try to do another B after the D-Dash, it won’t work (because you’ve already hit the 2 Mid limit)

Combination A – Starter Properties

backLP – Fastest starter, shortest range, but will combo off of chain lights.

Your basicest low starter BnB off of c.LK is c.LK, c.LP, backLP xx STRINGS.

My personal go to:

c.LK, c.LP, backLP, backLK,fwdHK, backLK,fwdHK, Air Reset

fwdLP – Starter that advances horizontally.

Can be used as a poke similar to Kyo Bodiga, typically used in combo after cl.HP (cl.HP,fwdLP xx STRINGS).

Will not combo off of c.LP, too slow.

fwdLK – Overhead starter that has to be blocked high and then leads to STRINGZ. A basic 50-50 mixup can be used between this and c.B after the air reset mixup.

Combination B – Mid Properties

*NOTE* these only come out after starters.

fwdLK – Mid punch. Doesn’t really advance very far forward. No particularly interesting properties.

I’d say “combo filler” but this does the same damage is backLK which can also be done twice in a combo.

Standing reset dash gimmick filler?

backLK – Uppercut launcher. Is the starter to biggest damage and also sick air resets. Things that work after backLK:

-Basic Combination C Enders (fwdHP, upHP)

fwdHK, backLK, fwdHK, backLK (fwdHP_HP_qcfqcfLP/HP)

fwdHK, backLK, fwdHK, stand HP xx hcfLK (air reset)

-Other Stuff.

down+LK – Low shin punch. Low mixup/combo filler. Close enough it’ll combo into backLK

(only one Transition possible as you’ve used 2 mids already).

Will generally always combo into fwdHP

up+LK – Overhead Punch. Overhead Mixup option. Will not combo from starters, but can combo after it lands

(e.g. u+LK, backLK, fwdHK; up+LK, fwdLK, fwdHP etc.)

There are gaps between Starters & upLK so the opponent may be able to mash out of it with a normal.

Combination C – Enders

*NOTE* these can be done after Mids OR Transitions.

fwdHP – Double punch thing. Kinda launches but not very high. Can combo with Climax midscreen but nothing else?

In the corner you can do:

[ backLK, fwdHK ] x2, fwdHP and air reset after, but you don’t get a left-right mixup off it.

upHP – Overhead like Terry’s POWAHDUNK punch. Hard knockdown. Comboes from backLK.

downHP – Arm sweep aka Low spinny sweepy punch thing. Slow low. Knocks down. Doesn’t lead to much. Don’t see this being too useful.

backHP – Straight – Dudley’s 3S Corkscrew Blow. Slow start up. Very interruptible, but breaks guard on block and allows followup (~11 frame window to do something after its blocked)

Combination D – Transitions

fwdHK – Forward Dash. Similar range to hcf+LK.

backHK – Short Backwards Hop – Hops backwards.

Random Tech/Other Stuff:

Basic Nerd Air Reset: Starter xx backLK, fwdHK, backLK, fwdHK, Stand HP,hcf+LK.

Depending on the timing of the Stand HP you’ll end up left/right of them after the hcf+LK air reset and can then do fwdLK/c.LK as a high low left right mixup.

You can empty cancel into transitions as a ghetto movement option (think Laura SFV V-Skill Dash. Kinda.)

e.g. backLP, backLK~backHK~fwd+LK~fwd+HK

would do a short whiff animation for initial punches, hopback, dash forward.

fwdA~fwdB~fwdD~fwdB~fwdD would do a double dash that will go almost full screen.

You can also use it to hopback after your offensive options to reset pressure/avoid punishment/go back to Neutral and other things.



K “name” [EX]

  • allows him to dash and duck.
  • This move also supports EX in maxmode.



HCBP “name” [EX]

  • command grab
  • open up his opponent for mix ups.



Supers & Climax


qcf x2 P “Mighty Punch” [Max]

  • Super that can be combo into or use as a Anti Air and a reversal to throws and lows.
  • Also cancel into climax.


qcf x2 K “Invisible Punch”

  • Super that force crumbles into a mixup and of course cancel into climax.



QCFHCBx2 PP “Victory Punch” 

  • Most damaging super and use for both reversal and Anti Air.


Best Combos


Combo/ Set play by Erin

  • cr.B cr.A b+A b+B f+D, s.C xx hcf+B into time-to-guess mixup, you can stay in front, behind, or go overhead ( f+B ) and reset the situation
    corner – cr.B cr.A confirm or s.C confirm b+A b+B f+D, f+C, d,df,f,d,df,f+PP super xx optional Climax on second hit

Combo by Yagami RR

  • Jump with HP, HP, f+LP, MM, HP, f+LP, f+LK, bk+LK, f+HP, 2qcf + PP, Climax Cancel.
  • damage



Bread and Butter Combo


Nelson by DC

Nelson by CN


Stun (maybe Dino specific)



Tips & Tricks

Kara roll setup by Bubblan



Frame Data

You can read this data at your leisure if you get the app

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