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Mui Mui

TEAM Alternate World


Contributors : Prince Thabet (General, Combos, Strategy) ; Yulya (Moves)

Players to watch : Ogosho


SNK gives us hope in maybe getting an actual dragon spirit arc by adding the dragon gal, Mui Mui. Only for her to not do anything in the story..

If you can get past the most irritating voice in the game, Mui Mui is a very solid foostie oriented character with lots of far reaching buttons, rekkas that can be made safe, a command grab, Summoning Shenron and can even do a freakin Kamehameha!

Mui Mui is one of the “Other world” trio, which apparently is the world of crazy buttons. Her gameplan is rushdown with footsies that she can play very well as she rocks some the best buttons for neutral and whiff punishing, as well as rekkas with mindgames added with their backtwirl follow-up.



LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : fastest normal but cr.B is more useful (better range) ; can chain ; special cancelable ; even on block
  • Close : special cancelable ; can chain ; useful for pressure
  • Far : no AA ; can be used as poke ; not cancelable ; even on block
  • Jump : air to air ; poor range


LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : good combo starter ; fast ; good range ; can poke ; can chain ; special cancelable ; safe
  • Close : special cancelable ; needs to be really close to connect ; even on block
  • Far : useful as poke or in combos ; can chain ; special cancelable
  • Jump :  good air to air; better range than j. A


HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : useful as poke or combo starter ; special cancelable ; great range ; unsafe
  • Close : useful in combos ; can AA if enemy is above ; special cancelable
  • Far : excellent poke ; great range ; not special cancelable but can activate MM ; can whiff punish
  • Jump : jump-in which can cross up ; j. D is better


HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : special cancelable sweep
  • Close : can AA above her head; can be used in combos but cl. C is easier ; special cancelable ; forces crouching opponents to stand
  • Far : best AA ; whiff on crouchers ; goes over lows ; safe on block
  • Jump : best jump-in ; can cross up


HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand: good range and speed; special cancelable even if whiffed
  • Air: good air-to-air or hop ; can be low profiled


Command Normals

? LP “Nouten Kudaki”

  • overhead (except in combos)
  • useful in combos
  • special cancelable
  • quite slow
  • unsafe




QCB P “Ryusougeki” [EX]

  • start of her rekka chain
  • C version : more range and more damage ; safer
  • super cancelable
  • can poke
  • slow
  • EX version : 3 rekkas with one motion ; wall bounce on last hit ; unsafe ; slightly faster

Derivation 1 :  QCB : moves backward : make the rekka safe ; D version : moves back further (safer)

Derivation 2 : QCB : 2nd rekka ; can be delayed ; unsafe

Derivation 2-1 : QCB K : moves backward ; unsafe

Derivation 2-2 : QCB : 3rd rekka ; soft knockdown ; unsafe


qcf P “Hien-Ryu Ken” [EX]

  • dragon punch
  • unsafe
  • A version : faster ; can AA
  • C version : slightly more damaging and more invincibility
  • EX version : faster ; more damaging ; 3 hits


qcf K “Ryusenshu” [EX]

  • tornado kick
  • D version : slightly slower ; more damage ; goes further
  • good combo finisher
  • unsafe
  • EX version : faster ; more damage ; 3 hits ; invuln on start up => can AA or reversal


HCB K “Doraryutotshu” [EX]

  • command throw
  • B and D version can’t be comboed into
  • B version is quick but not 1F
  • D version is slower
  • soft knockdown
  • EX version : 1F ; more damage ; more range ; invuln on start up ; can be comboed into ; wall splat


Supers & Climax

qcfx2 P “Higi . Chouryuha” [MAX]

  • slow
  • might go through projectiles
  • no invincibility
  • unsafe
  • MAX version :  faster ; more damage

qcfx2 K “Enten-Gouryuha” [MAX]

  • invuln at the beginning
  • can be climax cancelled
  • very unsafe
  • MAX version : more damaging ; travels further ; more invincibility ; can be used as reversal

x2 ” Seiryutenmei”

  • invuln on start up



Her combos are very straight forward but they hurt. You can tack on Beam or EX beam at the end of most combos for more damage.

-Cr.B cr.A cr.B Qcf+D
-Cr.B cr.A cr.A far B Qcf+D
-Cr.C f.A xx Rekkas, Beam super for damage
-Cl.C f.A xx Rekkas
-f.A MAX …
-Cr.B cr.A cr.B far B MAX cl.C f.A EX rekkas EX beam
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX throw EX rekkas Qcf+D
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX throw Rekkas xx EX beam
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX Throw EX Rekkas Rekka (1 or 2) xx Beam



Mui Mui’s range is around the tip of her far C, a super fast snappy punch that’s safe and very good to harass opponents and to whiff punish. In this range also has her cr.D, cr.C, her rekkas and her blowback which has a mad hitbox and propels her forward. She adds to this with her far D and dash up command grab as threats making this the range you always want to be in.

Mui Mui is best as a point character, she doesn’t benefit too much from extra bar or MAX mode duration and she can play her gameplan without meter. Her rekkas are also a bigger threat if the opponent doesn’t have meter (or doesn’t want to spend it).

Most of Mui Mui’s buttons are pokes, and good pokes at that.
She has far C, far B, far A cr C, cr D and CD as pokes.
Far C is the god. Really quick for it’s range and a very good button overall. A lot of characters can’t reach her with their normals if you use it’s full range.
Far B is a standard far B, decent range for use if they’re close enough for it instead of far C as it’s quicker.
Cr C is a nice normal for frametraps and meaties, cancellable and can combo into rekkas.
Cr.D covers the same range as cr.C but hits low.
Far A is nice as a far check, hits between far B and far C.
CD is a “don’t press buttons” check. Goes forward and whiff cancellable, big hitbox can anti-air hops as well. Can be used to get closer in poke distance. Combos into kamehameha or Climax from anywhere.

You should spend most of the match in this zone as this is where Mui Mui is good, she can punish jumps, button attempts and whiff punish almost anything.

For hops she can anti-air with far D, CD and Qcf+K
Far D is very good to stop far goes over lows, plus it can be used as a ghetto mixup tool into a surprise throw.
CD can also stop hops but needs to be done really early, it’s more of an extra feature and you should be using far D instead.
Qcf+K can used to beat hops but you need to know when to use which one.
Qcf+A is a good anti-air but it’s better against higher jumps as it’s riskier.

Air to air she has j.A and j.B. They’re quick and cover the space above her well.

Her jump-ins are j.C, j.D and j.CD
J.C is her upclose jump-in, and j.D is for further jumps as it has more range. Generally j.D can cover both aspects and it’s the go-to.
J.CD is just as nuts as the ground CD, only aimed downwards, use it to start your offense as it’ll beat a lot of anti-air attempts. If blocked deep enough you can get a free hop mixup.

Her main special is her qcb+P rekkas, they’re on the slow side and only combo from heavies or f+A. They go forward and have a big delay window to bait buttons, won’t recommend it though against characters with reversals. After 1st or 2nd rekka she has an optional followup with qcb+K, this does a backtwirl instead of the next rekka giving space and safety against a lot of punishes. Can cancel into it on whiff as well. It is still punishable by stuff like quick EX ranbus or guardcancel roll if they know the backtwirl is coming so use it with caution as it’s mainly for mindgames and to bait stuff as it’s not totally safe.
All rekkas are super cancellable so you can do 1 or all 3 cancalled into beam super.
EX rekka does 3 rekkas and wallbounces.

Qcf+K is a rising doublekick, useful as an anti-air for hops and far jumps. It’s her combo ender off of lights as you can’t combo lights into rekkas.
B goes pretty low to the ground and D goes higher and covers more distance.
EX goes a bit further than D version.

Qcf+P is an a rising double-punch uppercut, combo ender and anti-air. A does the uppercut right away, useful as an anti-air for high jumps and the area right above Mui’s head.
C does a roll before the uppercut, can be used as an anti-zoning tool to go under fireballs and punish.
On wake-up the roll will go under everything that’s not a low even if it’s a meaty. Can combo from close C or cr C.
Doesn’t go through ground fireballs like Iori’s, but against those you can far D to go over them.
EX does C’s roll but it has 3 hits in the roll itself before the uppercut. Not invincible but goes under stuff just like C uppercut.

Hcb+K is a command throw, somewhat slow and not invincible so it’s mainly to open people up after you get them to respect your buttons. Throws them pretty far and does a hard knockdown.
EX version is invincible and does a wallstick, useful in MAX combos if you’re close enough to combo EX rekkas after it.

Qcfx2 +P super is her Kamehameha beam. Very good super. Invincible so can be used a reversal. Can combo from stand CD and rekkas among other things.
Can be used to punish projectiles if done early enough.
EX is faster and does more damage. Worth adding to combos for a lot of damage.

Her K super is odd, she’ll go into the air and does multihit punch and circle around the stage then come back.
Personally i don’t see the point in using it over Beam super at almost any scenario.
Can cancel into Beam or Climax after she lands for more damage.
EX does an extra circle.

Climax is dashing shoulder strike, summons Shenron for it’s animation. Hard knockdown but you recover around the same time as the opponent.
Goes almost fullscreen and can combo from CD, rekkas or EX rekkas, and EX command throw. Imo only use this if it’ll kill, otherwise EX beam is always better.


-f.A is an overhead raw, somewhat slow but has a lot range, can connect after 4 cr.Bs.
-cl.D is a bit slow but it can be used as an anti-air for cross up attempts.
-you can link off of spaced far D into cr.A, can combo as cr.A far B qcf+K or even MAX cancel for more damage.
-CD into rekkas can combo from almost fullscreen, but only the 3rd rekka will connect.
-CD whiff cancel into command grab can be used as a kara to boost up the grab’s range.


Frame Data


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