Mian Guide KOFXIV




Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools: 

  • divekick

Misc: She has 10 masks

Mian is a very new style to kof, where she takes air mobility to a whole new level.


Her pokes are far C, far D, CD and cr D.

Her far C and cr D especially are really good.

she can max cancel far C in footsies from max range and still get a full combo.

Her cr D is cancellable so you can do her floats after it into safety or into divekick pressure. Cr D qcf+D into B divekick crosses up crouching opponents.

For anti-airs she has far B, crouch C, and far D (situational), far B is mainly for hops where crouch C is for higher jumps coz it’s not the slower side.

Far D is situational but it’s a nice normal overall, on CH you can link into cr D.

she has j.B, j.D, j.CD and of course D divekick for air to airs.

J.D is my preffered one but j.B is better in situations where you need a quicker button.

Keep in mind that all Mian’s air normals are cancellable into floats, so she can start her divekick stuff from basic hop pressure or air to airs, she can also use backfloat off of them to escape to safety.
I’ve heard that j.A and j.C can cross up but they’re not reliable by any means.

Her specials, ok so they’re not really useful outside of combos, but they’re good to know about.
Qcf+P is a multi hit dance move, it’s like an auto rekka, light is super cancellable all the way and heavy is cancellable before the airborne hits. You can combo into it from lights, cr.B cr.A cr.B is a good hit confirm for it.
Light is safe on block, but both versions are open to guard cancel into full combo punishes so DON’T do this on block.
EX is the same as heavy but pops them up higher so you can combo into dp+K or to her supers.
qcb+P is a floating palm, causes a wallstick. Can’t be combo’s into outside of CD wallstick. It’s also not safe aside from super max range. EX is invincible and causes a wall bounce but I’ve yet to find a practical use for it
Her last special is dp+K, slide into up-kick. Her highest damage combo ender. Not safe. Cancellable on 1st hit in super. EX is invincible for a bit and pops up for followups.
EX float is quicker and the divekicks knockback on normal hit, can be used to combo 2 divekicks and other stuff in the corner.

Supers & Climax

Check out the hitbox

Her “reversal” is her qcfx2 K super, but it’s invincibility is super short and gets beat a lot, loses clean to jump ins. it’s also generally not worth the risk and it’s -billion on block.
EX is the same deal but at least damage-wise it might be worth the hail mary attempt.

Punch super is a super close range ranbu, her main meter combo ender. Not invul at all. EX keeps them close for pressure and to do meaty divekick stuff.

Climax goes fullscreen, can combo from CD wallstick anywhere on the screen.
a bit invincible but also not reliable. On block has a sway backwards animation so it’ll be safe on most people the first time they see it lol.

Best Combos

Her combos are very straight forward. These are all the combos you’d really need with her.

cr.B cr.A cr.B qcf+A xx ranbu

Cl.C f.B MAX cl.C f.B EX qcf+P > ranbu

is your meter go-to.
Corner you can do MAX CD qcb+C qcb+A EX dp+K ranbu, only mid or anchor

you can link into her s.A from cl.D
Raw f.B crumples, realistically you won’t ever land this.


Versus Nakoruru





Her “gameplan” revolves around her divekicks, to harass people with them and pressure them, atm she a character that can steamroll people if they don’t know how to deal with her which is why a lot of people picking her up forget that that’s not all she has.

She can play the regular kof game really well as she has good pokes, anti-airs, jump arc and air normals.

Her main move is her float, and it’s divekicks followups.

The float can be done in the air and on the ground.

Qcb+K goes back and qcf+K goes forward.

B version is quicker but goes a smaller distance, D version is a tad slower but covers more space.

She says different words with B or D version, B is “Sorai” and D is “Maru”. Might be useful down the line to help in fighting her as she can do some gapless with stuff with the B version.

She can do ground float into air float, or 2 air floats back to back, but it’s dependant on how high she is, if she reaches the top of the screen (around the health bars) you can’t do a second float where if you do it on the way down from the jump you can do 2.

The divekicks are followups off the float, what button you press decides the angle she dives in.

A is slightly backwards (60 degree angle), B is straight down, C is slightly forward (60 degree) and D is almost horizontal (30 degree).

The divekicks are active all the way through but their hitbox is not that good, throwing out a normal or a special in their way will usually beat it or trade.

You can cancel divekicks into float as long as they connect with the opponent, hit or block. There is no limit to how many you can do, you can go float~ dive > float ~ dive infinitely as long as the dives are connecting to the opponent.

The window to cancel from and to the dives is freakin huge where you can cancel the moment you touch them or wait and cancel late to leave gaps and bait stuff.

A delayed D backfloat after a divekick is a good “check” to see how the opponent reacts.

The dives are safe if blocked but negative, wouldn’t recommend pressing buttons after. If they’re deep they can be even and if they’re meaty they can be plus and can even combo into lights.

Dives don’t knockdown and you can’t combo off of them outside of meaty stuff.

On CH they do a knockback which can combo into another dive midscreen or normals/super in the corner, but it’s not easy.

If they divekicks don’t connect they have landing recovery which can be punished. It’s not long but some characters can punish divekick attempts from fullscreen if they have the bar (ex haoh shokoken, Mai Climax, Ramon off the wall super etc).

Float builds meter as long as you do the divekick followup, and the divekicks do chip damage. These factors are why Mian is really good as a point character and it’s why people get anxious and start pressing buttons and doing stupid stuff when they’re under a divekick barrage.

There’s a lot of patterns you can do to get in the opponent’s head, blocked dive > B backfloat~ D dive > D float B dive for example can cross up depending on the timing, and even if it doesn’t the B dives are nasty coz it’s a tough angle to anti-air.

That was a lot of dive stuff which should tell you how important they are to her gameplan, but they’re not her only tools.



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