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Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools:

  • stand B




Kukri counts in Arabic during his qcf K moves!
Qcf B : Wahed (one)
Qcf D : Itnan (two)
Qcf B+D : Talata (three)


LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far : fast anti hop!
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand:
  • Air:


Command Normals

? LPname”

  • Overhead


?LK “name”

  • Won’t cancel out of chain



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…


bk fwd dwn df ufdb ub db-uf qcf QCB qcbHCF hcf HCB DP RDP.360 HCBFWD QCFHCB QCBHCF flashkicksonicboom hcfbk holddown up- dwn qcdqcbd ddf


Supers & Climax

HCB x2 P “name [Max]

  • Type
  • Max version is..
  • .


QCBHCFK “name”

  • A


HCBx2 KK “name” Climax

  • Notes

bk fwd

Best Combos

Optimal x bars 

Pole Position

  • H
  • damage


Mid position

  • damage



  • K
  • 471 dmg



Wall of combos!






by TrulyaMiracle

Kukri, apparently hailing from Morocco so I can only assume his name is a typo for “Shukri”. Having a really foul mouth and easily the best win quotes in the game, Kukri fills the hole of the “mysterious dark character” that Duo Lon (and Lin before him) left behind really well, with a shady look, flashy moves and sand attacks.

Kukri has an orthodox style, lots of odd tools and normals and an interesting zoning and runaway style. He also has some unique mobility options with his air flipkick and his teleports giving him the ability to move around in confusing ways.

Kukri has some of the longest combos in the game, but even then his damage output isn’t great unless he spends the bar for sand crusher super.
For that reason I think he’s better second as I prefer doing as much damage as I can when I land a hit, but generally the popular opinion is that he’s better as on point to be a battery.
He builds a lot of meter easily with his teleports and other specials and he doesn’t need to spend it unless he wants to do real damage. If your aim is to use him as a battery that won’t matter.

Kukri’s gameplan revolves around his fireball and his sand clones aka teleport. You use these 2 moves to zone and to move around making you a hard target to catch as well as leaving obstecles in the way for the opponent to navigate through. A lot of characters struggle against his zoning mainly coz of his clones.

Kukri’s buttons aren’t bad, but they aren’t the best either.

His pokes are far C (8f/-9, ass), cr C (7f/-9), CD (14f/-7),cr D (9f/-2) and Qcf+P
Cr C is his main one, decent range and it’s cancellable so it can start offense and combos.
Cr D is a very long sweep, cancellable into qcf+P to stay safe, and it goes under some fireballs as well so it’s really good. Very open to hops however so don’t completely rely on it.
CD is a leaping “dab” smack that moves forward. His further reaching normal. Goes pretty far and it’s really solid, not whiff cancellable however. Combos into qcf+C or sand rain super from anywhere wallstick.
Qcf+A (13f/-1) is important as a poke as well, goes around halfscreen and is safe on block. Some moves can go over it though and it’s very open to jumps but it’s still very useful.

His Anti-airs are far B (6f/0), far A (5f/-2) and qcb+K
Far A is mainly for hops, and far B can work for higher jumps.
Qcb+K can work as an anti-air but it’s somewhat hard to utilize and needs to be done early, but it’s more rewarding than the other 2.

Air to airs he has j.B (5f), it covers the space in front and a bit above and it’s pretty quick, has good range as well.

He has a lot of Jump-ins, j.A (6f), j.C (9f), j.D (7f) and CD (13f).
J.A has a downwards angle and is pretty good, this one is important coz it’s his only air cancellable normal, cancelling this into qcb+B will give you an overhead>overhead mixup.
J.C is a downwards aimed punch, solid jump in and can cross up as well.
J.D is nuts, his whole leg basically has a hitbox, and it can cross up in really wonky angles. Use it in ranges where j.C won’t reach.
J.CD is mainly to start up your offense, kukri hits you with his back and it’s a pretty slow move, if it’s blocked deep enough you have enough blockstun to go for a hop mixup or set up some clone shenanigans.

Kukri’s most important tool is his teleport/clones genei Sajin (dd+any button).
Kukri teleports while leaving a sand clone behind in his previous location (47f total). The button pressed when doing the move determines where Kukri will show up.
A goes slightly forward.
B stays in the same spot.
C goes a bit forward, around 2 characters’ spots.
D goes the same distance as C but backwards. This is the main one to use in resets.
The clone that’s left behind crumples once Kukri shows up in his new location, and it does a hit when crumpling. This is very useful in stopping run attempts and there are setups to make it hit meaty in the corner.
The clone crumpling also cancels projectiles so when used right they can be very useful against zoning.
EX does 3 clones and it’s quicker. Also invincible from the start so it can be used as a reversal.
This has 2 versions depending on the buttons used.
AC makes 3 clones right in front of you. You can combo into this from close B or close C.
BD moves backwards and leaves 1 clone where your old position is and put 2 right on the opponent.
On wakeup these are extra nasty and can cross up or give you mad frame advantage.

His other important special is nessa jin (qcf+P). This is a ground projectile. A (13f/-1) is a bit over halfscreen and is plus on block. C (13f/-1) is a tad slower startup and goes a bit short of fullscreen.
This move is great in blockstrings and in combos, if the spacing is right in the corner you can link off of the A version.
EX version (13f/0) is quicker and goes fullscreen, and it knocks back. You can combo off of it in the corner.

Boss shougeki (Qcb+K) is a leaping flipkick that hits overhead. B (26f/-9) is a around hop height and quicker, D (42f/-3) is a bit over jump height and goes a bit forward.
This can be done in the air as well, B is a quick version, and D is slower and leaps forward.
D versions are safe on block, the rest aren’t. B air version can be even if it’s blocked deep enough.
All versions cause a hard knockdown.
EX (42f/-1) goes around halfscreen and causes a ground bounce for followups, but you can only combo it off of wallsticks like CD or EX qcf+K. Safe on block.

Nessa senpuu (qcf+K) is a tatsu-esque move, mainly for combo ending. B (14f/0) does 1 spin and keeps the opponents standing, even on block.
D (20f/-10) does 2 spins and knocks back. Very negative on block.
EX (14f/-5) does 3 spins and causes a wallstick.

Nessa goku fujin (Qcfx2 +P) is a sand rain super (27f/+19). A version hits close and C version is almost fullscreen.
Hits OTG. You can combo C version off of CD wallstick. Very plus on block.
EX (51f/+29) tracks somewhat and does more hits.
You can advanced or climax cancel it for more damage.

Nessa goku totsuha (Qcfx2 +K) is an advancing sand psycho crusher super (10f/-35). This is the go-to combo ender. This eats projectiles so it can be used to punish fireballs if you’re close enough.
EX (10f/-33) is more damage and has a bit of invincibility but it’ll lose to some moves that are very active.
Cancellable into Climax for more damage.

Goku nessa housairyu (Hcbx2 +P), his Climax, is a big sand wave (15f/-29). This is very invincible and can punish a lot of stuff, it does more damage if you’re close or if they’re in the corner. Can OTG as well.

His combos are simplistic midscreen but get super stylish in the corner.

-cr.B cr.B f.A Qcf+D, crusher super for damage.
-cl.C f.A Qcf+D
-cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX qcf+K (EX qcf+P or qcf+C xx crusher super)
-far D MAX …
-cr.B f.A qcf+A cr.C qcf+D
-CD qcf+A cl.B f.A qcf+A cr.C qcf+D
-cr.B cr.B f.A qcf+A cr.C MAX cl.C EX Qcf+K qcf+B xx crusher super
-cl.C f.A MAX Cr.C EX qcf+K qcf+B cr.C xx dd+D
– cr.B f.A MAX CD EX qcb+K qcf+A qcf+B cr.C xx dd+D

-F.A (13f/-11) is a leaping chop, mainly a hit confirm extender. Can go over lows and ground fireballs.
-after juggles you can do cr.C xx dd+D for a reset into a meaty clone.
You can also do it after qcb+K or midscreen wallstick.
-for linking after qcf+A, you need to space it right and it needs to hit late enough for you to recover and link after it.
-Cl.C is 2 slow hits and they’re both cancellable, you can also combo into f.A for a long hit confirm.
-cr.D xx qcf+A is gapless and it’s even on block. Very good for pressure.
-Qcb+K has a sand pillar lifting Kukri, once the pillar is out it doesn’t have a hurtbox so it can help Kukri avoid a lot of stuff.
-Cr.A (5f/+1) and close A (5f/+1) are plus on block and useful in pressure.




Notes sir.


Frame Data

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