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Here we’ll go through the terms and lingo used in the character guides.

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System Move Control (facing right)
Guard Also known as blocking, hold back before an opponent hits you.
Usage No damage will be taken by normal moves but you will lose energy from blocking special or super moves. Cannot be done mid air. Your character will auto block and be unable to walk backwards at a certain range.
Just Defend Just before being hit, ? or ? to block
Usage Lose less stun meter, less push back. Recovery is same. Damage is same.
Throw Near opponent, ? or ? + HP
Usage Opponent blocking too much? Break their guard with a throw.
Throw Backwards Near opponent, ? or ? + HK
Usage Throws in the opposite direction to which you are facing, throw opponents over your shoulder and into the corner with this, for example.
Counter Throw aka Throw off.  At the start of being thrown ? or ? + HP or D
Usage But throws can be rejected! Throw them off!
Dash aka Run. Quickly ? ?
Usage Runs are faster but do have a startup and recovery, unless you cancel with a move.
Backdash Quickly ? ?
Usage Use this to create some distance between you and the opponent, will work even when your character is stuck in block animation. Can be used to escape grabs and even some attacks.
Jump aka Jump, Hold briefly ? or ? or ?
Usage Avoid ground attacks and start your combos!
Large Jump aka Hyper jump Tap ? or ? or ? then hold briefly ? or ? or ?
Usage Get further! Note it has the same startup speed as Jump but it is faster in the air.
Small Jump Tap ? or ?  or ?
Usage Also known as a “hop”. Great for applying pressure.
Medium Jump Tap ? or ? or ? then tap ? or ?  or ?
Usage Also called the hyper hop, travels further and faster than a hop
Emergency Evasion aka Roll, LP+LK
Usage Avoid attacks, you are invincible until the end, however you can be thrown.
Blowback HP+HK
Usage A heavy attack which will cause the opponent to bounce off the wall for a combo opportunity.
Guard Cancel Emergency Evasion aka Tech Roll, While Blocking, LP+LK
Usage Escape pressure at the cost of a bar. Very useful for punishing some attack moves or strings.
Guard Cancel Blow back aka CD Counter, while blocking, HP+HK
Usage Push back the opponent at the cost of a bar.
Recovery Down Evasion After falling from an air hit or throw, you roll as you hit the floor.
Usage aka Recovery Roll, press a button as you land, or hold LP+LK before you land. Some moves cause a hard knockdown, which cannot be rolled.
Normal Move an attack move that is executed by pressing an attack button: LP / LK / HP or HK or even HP+HK
Command Move a move that is executed by pressing a direction + an attack button
Special Move a move that is excuted by a combination of directions + a button
EX Special Perform a special move with LP+HP or LK+HK
Usage Note: Only available during Max Mode. Special Moves take on new properties!
Super Special Move (aka DM, Desperation Move) Requires one bar, a lot more directions and does big damage
Max Super Special Move (aka SDM, Super Desperation Move) Requires two bars (unless in Max Mode)
Climax Super Special Move Requires three bars! Explosive!
Cancel Cancel a normal move into special move
Usage The essence of a combo!
Max Mode LK+HP
Usage Using a bar, this will give you access to EX Special Moves and the ability to cancel Special Moves into another.
Super Cancel Cancel a special move into a Super Special Move
Usage Cancel a special move into SSM
Advanced Cancel Cancel a SSM into Max Super Special Move
Usage Cancel that big super move into a bigger super move! Takes 3 bars!
Climax Cancel Cancel a SSM or MSSM into Climax Super Special Move
Usage This collection of explosions will use 4 – 5 bars!
Guide Terminology
QCF quarter circle forward :

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