Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools:






LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch :
  • Stand :
  • Far :
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand:
  • Air:


Command Normals

? LPname”

  • Overhead


?LK “name”

  • Won’t cancel out of chain


?? P “Hikiokoshi”

  • Use after Headbutt or Rolling Sobat

bk fwd dwn df ufdb ub db-uf qcf QCB qcbHCF hcf HCB DP RDP.360 HCBFWD QCFHCB QCBHCF flashkicksonicboom hcfbk holddown up- dwn qcdqcbd ddf



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



P “name” [EX]

  • Poke/anti/counter/grab
  • S5,A20,R14
  • It’s…
  • EX is…



Supers & Climax

HCB x2 P “name [Max]

  • Type
  • Max version is..
  • .


QCBHCFK “name”

  • A


HCBx2 KK “name” Climax

  • Notes

Best Combos

for version 2

older: may not work

Optimal x bars 

Pole Position

  • H
  • damage


Mid position

  • damage



  • K
  • 471 dmg





Notes sir.

From far, if blocked, the minute spike needs to be thrown. Otherwise Crow bites will be the end of the opponent



Strategy Guide by Truly a Miracle

The cool anti-hero than SNK can’t seem to balance right the first time and always has to be fixed. He overpopulated the game through the first few months and has declined quite a bit after getting nerfed or “normalized”.

K’ is a somewhat traditional character but with quirks and small things that make him not as accessible as other traditional characters.
He has tools to fight in every range, can play neutral and rushdown really well and can somewhat zone but his tools are better as anti-zoning.
After the Ain trigger adjustments K’ lost his usefulness as a point character as his meterless combos and meter building got toned down, but he is still one of the best characters as 2nd or anchor.

K’s playstyle is a straight forward one on paper but a lot of his tools are designed to reward the player for proper reads. A lot of his better tools are high risk/high reward and he’s strong points show if you know how to predict your opponent or condition them to do what you want them to do.

K’s pokes are very useful and learning when and where to use them is important.
Far B, CD, crouch B and Ein Trigger are his pokes.
Far B (8f/-4) is one of the best in the whole game, and probably the longest reaching one. Super good whiff punisher and poke for footsies, and can combo after 4 cr.B’s for a long MAX confirm.
CD (14f/-6) is slow and doesn’t have that much range, but it has a nutty hitbox and can anti-air some hops at the right angle. Off of wallstick you can combo into Second shoot (Qcf+P~f.B) or heat drive super.
Cr.B (5f/+1) has solid range for a chainable low and his one of his best buttons. Combos into Ein trigger, cl. A or far B after a few cr.B’s.
Ein trigger (9f/-4) has a decent hitbox and can be used in neutral to challenge pokes and force a mindgame with it’s followup options.

His anti-airs are far A, far D, crouch C, Crow Bite (Dp+P) and Second Shell (Qcf+P~ f.D)
Far A (4f/+2) is the best one for hops, and second shell can be used as well on a read for higher reward.
Crow bite (4f/-26), far D (7f/-4) and Second shell are for higher jumps, cr.C (6f/-10) is an option but it’s not reliable compared to the other 2.

Air to air he has j.B and air Minute Spike (qcb+K)
J.B (4f) is the best option but lacks range. Minute spike is good if the opponent is really far.

J.C (10f) and j.D (10f) are his jump ins, j.C is for close range and j.D has mad range and covers a nice area. It can also crossup in the right angles but not reliable.
J.A (8f) is a similar angle to j.C but it can cross up.
J.CD (10f) is a downwards kick with a big hitbox, it can work as either jump in or air to air if you’re higher than the opponent.

Ein Trigger, Qcf+P (9f/-4) is K’s main special. He creates a fire circle in front of him that has a lot of different possible followups. The circle itself has a nice hitbox so it can be used as a poke and even to anti-air. It can also cancel projectiles. Doesn’t build meter on it’s own but it does if you do any followup.
A version knocks back where C version keeps them standing.
After Ein trigger you have these options as followups:
-Second Shoot, f.B (-7): Forward kick which shoots a fullscreen projectile.
-Second Shell, f.D (-7): Upwards kick with a big flame hitbox, excellent anti-air and can be followed with Minute spike. Misses Crouchers.
-Second Whip, f.A (-1): Downwards flame whip, very active and can be done as a meaty on wakeup for pressure. Causes a hard knockdown.
-Second knuckle, f.C (-7): Advancing straight punch, mainly a poke and juggle filler in the corner.
-Blackout, b.K: a forward moving teleport. This is a special move that can be done solo as well. The followup version can be used to mixup on wakeup.
EX (7f/+3) is quicker and plus. It also has better juggle properties and allows better combos.
EX Second Shoot (+1) does multiple hits and travels slowly then accelerates along the way.
The rest of the followups are the same but with different block advantage. F.D (+3) F.A (-3) F.C (-1)

Blackout, qcf+K is a fading teleport, B goes a bit under halfscreen distance and D goes around 3/4s the screen. It has invincible frames when he fades out but it’s reliable by any means. As mentioned above can be done after Ein trigger by pressing b.K.
EX is quicker and invincible from the start.

Crow bite, Dp+P is an Invincible rising fire attack.
A version (4f/-26) is quick, stationary and does 3 hits. Cancellable on the first 2 hits.
C version (7f/-53) is slower, does 5 hits and leaps almost fullscreen. It’s harder to punish than regular Dps coz you need to run after it but it is doable. F.D at the end does an kick for a hard knockdown.
Both versions are invincible so they’re good reversals. They’re also useful for combos.
EX (4f/-46) is invincible and does a lot more damage. It’s basically A version into C’s animation.

Lastly there’s qcb+K, Minute Spike (15f/-19). K’ flies forward with a badass kick. Knocks back.
B is a bit lower angle and D goes further and a bit higher. Both miss on crouchers.
Doing another qcb+K during Minute Spike will execute a sliding kick, Narrow Spike (12f/-6). The slide hits low and pops up, it’s not safe unless it’s spaced or connects as a meaty. If you do it quick enough K’ will go into the slide immediately skipping minute spike, this can combo from cl.D.
This move is very risky to throw out and mainly used during combos. It can also be used in the air (13f)
EX has better juggle properties allowing for bigger combos, EX narrow spike (9f/-1) is safe and combos into EX Ein trigger.

K’s main super is qcf x2 +P, Heat drive (10f). K’ does a fullscreen quick fire punch. It’s K’s main combo ender for damage. It’s also quite hard to punish as K’ goes to the other side of the screen.
You can charge the super by holding the button. Once it’s fully charged it becomes unblockable. This switches sides on hit or on block as it goes through the opponent.
EX does more damage.

The other super, qcf hcb +P, Chain Drive (13f). When done K’ tosses his sunglasses around 3/4s of the screen, if it hits K’ teleports with an elbow attack into a rush attack. On block K’ stays where he is and simply puts on another pair of glasses. This is very open on block but it depends on the distance between you and the opponent.
EX version (12f) is invincible and a liiiittle bit faster.
This super is outclassed by heat drive in every way really, you can use it for style or as a fireball punish if you’re around midscreen distance.

His Climax, hcb x2 +P is Hyper Heat drive (9f/-159!). It’s a stationary fire pillar that does a lot of hits and invincible. Super unsafe.
Not worth the bar unless it’ll kill. Can be Climax cancelled from either super and can be used as an anti-air.

K’s combos aren’t hard but they can be confusing, mainly because K’ switches sides often which means you have to know when that’ll happen and do the inputs to the other side. I’ll refer to the side switches with < and > indicating which side the next input should be done.
Second Shell means doing Qcf+A~ f.D, EX Second Shell is the same but with the EX version
M.Spike~N.Spike means hitting with Minute Spike first then doing the slide to land and continue the combo.
N.Spike means doing 2 Qcb+K quickly so the slide will come out immediately.
For Dp+A enders you cancel into Heat drive for more damage. Keep in mind that you need to hold the super for a bit and time it when they’re about to hit the ground.

-cr.B cl.A Second Shell M.Spike~N.Spike
-cr.B cr.B cr.B Second Shoot xx Chain drive
-Cl.C f.A N.Spike Dp+C
-Cr.B cr.B cr.B cr.B far B MAX …
-Cl.C f.A MAX …
•MAX followups:
-(Point) Cl.D EX Second Shell EX M.Spike~N.Spike < Second Shell M.Spike~N.Spike Dp+A
-(2nd or Anchor) cl.D EX M.Spike~N.Spike EX Second Shell EX M.Spike~N.Spike < Second Shell M.Spike~N.Spike Dp+A
-(Corner) Cl.D Second Shell EX Second Knuckle EX Second Shell M.Spike~N.Spike Dp+A

Note that the midscreen combos can also be done in the corner, and they’re easier as there’s no side switches there.

-F.B (22f/-11) is a slow overhead knee, it’s cancellable into air minute Spike for more damage. In MAX mode you can combo into EX minute spike and combo into EX Second shell after it for more juggles.
-f.A (22f/-15) is his other command normal. Raw it’s a slow mid and causes a crumple. Can combo from cl.C.
-you can do CD into ein trigger, if it hits and wallsticks you can do Heat drive after and it’ll still combo.
-narrow Spike on Counterhit can combo into Second Shell, after that you can combo M.Spike~N.Spike < Second Shell M.Spike~N.Spike Dp+A
-backdash and all air normals can be cancelled into air Minute Spike, but it’ll only combo from counterhit j.CD.
-you can combo off of Second Shell anti-air even if it trades.
-Dp+A xx Heat drive can be used as a safe-ish reversal, especially useful if you’re in the corner to escape. Just be aware of characters that’ll have options to punish you.



Older Bug, now patched.

Frame Data

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