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TEAM Fatal Fury



Best Position: Point Mid Anchor

Best Tools:





LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : 6f – don’t use this to poke or punish unless you’re trying to stop someone from jumping
  • Stand : 5f
  • Far : 6f
  • Hop : 6f small hitbox
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : 5f fastest crouch move so use this to attack and punish in footsie fights
  • Stand : 6f
  • Far : 6f
  • Hop : 6f small hitbox
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : 7f Good poke
  • Stand : 8f
  • Far : 7f Good poke at mid range
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same



HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : 10f but cancellable
  • Stand :
  • Far : 7f Best poke at far range with only -2 on block, but much more on whiff
  • Hop :
  • Jump : same

Notes: crouch HK can whiff cancel into df HK


HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand: 13f -3 nice to cancel into hurricane for pressure
  • Air: 10f big hitbox


Command Normals

fwdLK “Step High Kick

  • chains into the High Kick


bk LK “High Kick”

  • kick kick then combo


?HK “Sliding”

  • Won’t cancel out of chain



LP “Hurricane Upper” [EX]

  • projectile
  • 16f -1
  • it is the slower projectile but faster recovery! Best for trapping
  • EX is 15f -5 and throws 3 hurricanes



HP “Hurricane Upper” [EX]

  • projectile
  • 15f -9
  • Faster projectile, use this at far range as you need more time to recover, do it on waking opponents or in projectile battles



“Slash Kick” [EX]

  • Poke
  • LK 13f -14f on block so only use in combos or where you will hit with only the tip
  • HK 15f -16f
  • EX 13f -10f



DP K “Tiger Kick” [EX]

  • Anti air
  • LK 8f – 23f
  • HK 6f -27f
  • EX 7f -26f

Notes: Seriously, it’s a Tiger Knee, but eh… fully invincible and cancels into Upper DM: The dp will add a buffer so then just do qcf + K.


QCB K “Golden Heel” [EX]

  • Poke
  • LK 23-0f sounds like a good poke right?
  • HK 26f -1
  • EX 23f +5 great but that startup takes so long

Notes:  Slow start up and you’ll be in the air first, and vulnerable but if you are up against a grappler or someone without anti air, then if you can land this (best on waking opponent) then there’s not much they can do about it, then you can jump or poke at your convenience.  As an anticipation versus a jumping opponent it can trade or cause a counter!


bk fwd dwn df ufdb ub db-uf qcf  HCF hcf HCB  RDP.360 HCBFWD QCFHCB QCBHCF flashkicksonicboom hcfbk holddown up- dwn qcdqcbd ddf


Supers & Climax

HCB x2 P “name [Max]

  • Type
  • Max version is..
  • .


QCBHCFK “name”

  • A


HCBx2 KK “name” Climax

  • Notes

bk fwd dwn df ufdb ub db-uf qcf QCB qcbHCF hcf HCB DP RDP.360 HCBFWD QCFHCB QCBHCF flashkicksonicboom hcfbk holddown up- dwn qcdqcbd ddf

Best Combos

Optimal x bars 

Pole Position

  • H
  • damage


Mid position

  • damage



  • K
  • 471 dmg






Super Counter Hit combo!


Strategy by TrulyaMiracle

The comic relief Muay Thai master that everyone loves is back, but with a more serious tone that the character never had in KoF. With FF creators involved in XIV, Joe’s persona returns to it’s FF origins as a more serious character.

Joe is a jack of all trades character, he has a bit of everything but isn’t exactly amazing in anything; at least tool-wise. He has fireballs, invincible Dp, long confirms, solid pokes, great damage among other things.

A lot of players ignored Joe at first because he had a few major issues, mainly his confirms whiffing on crouchers and his DPs not having invincibility. Thankfully, SNK noticed and fixed both of those in the 1.04 patch.

Gameplay-wise he’s more of a zoning character and has some of the best corner carry combos.
Joe has his fullscreen Hurricane uppers from XIII. With their big hitbox and 2 different speeds they are the main tool in Joe’s frustration zoning style.
Joe’s toolset is basically a bag of punishes for any attempt the opponent can do to avoid Joe’s hurricane uppers, but the trick is knowing when to use each tool.

His best position is second or anchor, as his zoning becomes much scarier if he has his Climax avaliable, and his combos become much more damage.
He also can use raw MAX mode well so he’s worth having the extra MAX duration.

His best pokes are far D, cr D, CD and cr C.
Far D (8f/-2) is the go to, decent speed and goes pretty far. Has a lot of recovery on whiff though so don’t just mash this.
Cr.D (10f/-9) is shorter than far D but hits low and cancellable. Can also whiff cancel into df+D.
CD (13f/-3) is a straight kick with a lot of active frames, range is similar to far D and can anti-air hops with the right spacing. Can combo into Climax, C or EX uppers from anywhere wallstick, or A upper if you’re close to the corner.
Cr C (7f/-4) is his furthest reaching punch, and it’s cancellable. Useful as a frametrap to go into big damage

His anti-airs are back B, far C, Dp+D, Qcb+D and Climax.
Dp+D (6f) is his best and most consistent one, and will cover all his anti-air needs in most cases.
Back+B (16f/-4) covers the area right above Joe and can stop a lot of air approaches, but it’s pretty slow so it’s usually better to just go with Dp+D instead.
Far C (7f/-1) and far A (6f/+1) are mainly for hops.
Qcb+D (26f/-1) is an anticipation anti air, you use it when you think they’ll try to jump and catch them on the way up.

Air to airs he has j.A, j.B and j.CD
J.A and j.B are short on range but are quick (6f) where j.CD (10f) is slower but has big horizontal range

His jump-ins are j.C (7f) and j.D (8f), j.D has more range and is the go-to, j.C is better as a deep jump in.
J.CD is also a jump-in to start pressure, if blocked deep enough you can get a free hop mixup, whiffs on crouchers though.

As mentioned earlier, his gameplay is focused around his hurricane upper zoning.
This move is a fullscreen tornado projectile about as high as Joe’s shoulders. You can hop over them but it needs proper timing.
A version (16f/-1) has slow startup and travel speed but quick recovery.
C version (15f/-9) has quicker startup and travel speed but slow recovery.
You can tell them apart from which hand Joe uses, back hand is A upper, front hand is C upper.
C upper is mainly for fullscreen harassment and to battle other projectiles. It’s also good as an option to throw off jump attempts over A uppers.
A upper is the MVP, this move is what starts Joe’s pace. It’s recovery is quick enough that you can throw it out and then react to what your opponent does and punish accordingly. It becomes even scarier if you have your Climax on deck.
As long as you’re aware of your spacing this move can frustrate your opponent while pushing them into the corner and force mistakes out of them.
It also travels slow enough that you can do it and run after it as a cover to close distance or start your offense.
EX is a very important tool and it makes popping raw MAX mode worth it in many scenarios.
EX upper (15/-5) does 3 hurricanes at C upper’s speed. The hurricanes have enough space between them that avoiding all 3 is basically impossible. They also eat other projectiles including EXs, only supers will beat them.
They are basically safe, but Joe is punishable if you block and Guardcancel roll the 2nd tornado, if the spacing is right you’ll have time to run in and punish.

Slash kick (hcf+K) is an advancing kick. This move is great for mobility, anti-airing far hops, and as a combo ender.
The move has a bit of a wind up (13f for B, 15f for D) at the start but once it’s out it travels very fast.
At point blank it is not safe (-14) but if it’s spaced it can be safe.
B goes around halfscreen, D goes almost fullscreen.
You can also use it to anti-air hop attempts over your slow A uppers.
EX is the same speed as B slash (13f) and goes fullscreen. Does multiple hits and pops up a bit.

Golden heel (Qcb+K) is a leaping advancing anti-air arc kick.
It’s hitbox starts when Joe’s leg is pointing upwards and goes all the way till the end of the move.
It’s mainly an anticipation anti-air where you do it when you think the opponent is about to jump or if they do a far high jump.
It’s decent but if the opponent has a button out you’ll mostly get beat or trade at best (which is why you use it to catch the jumps on the way up, before any limbs are out).
Can also be used to cover jump attempts over A uppers.
B version (23f/0) is quicker but barely moves forward.
D version (26f/-1) is a bit slower but goes around halfscreen.
D is the mainly used one but the B version is less risky.
It’s also a combo filler in a lot of juggles.
EX heel (23f/+5) is similar to D heel but has multiple hits with better frames on hit and on block. On hit you can link far A or cr C in the corner.

Bakuretsuken (mash P) is a stationary multi-punch move, the more you mash P the longer he’ll keep punching.
During this move he has a qcb+P follow-up which pops up. You can do it before any punches are out or after multiple ones.
It’s an essential move in Joe’s optimized combos.
Baku with no mashed punches is + which can start pressure in the corner. It’s also pretty quick (7f).
EX is auto into the followup and pops up higher than the regular version.

Screw Upper (19f) is his main super, it’s a big tornado super. Not invincible and mainly a combo ender or to catch really bad jumps.
EX is quicker (13f) and moves a bit forward.

Baku (9f) is his ranbu-ish super, great for ending ground combos and can be used in combos as a corner carry.
EX is more hits and damage. Has some invincibility.

His Climax (12f/-10) is one of the best ones in the game.
It has a crazy amount of hits and duration so avoiding it is impossible. Works as an anti-air, anti-zoning, combo ender and for chipping out opponents.
Just having this available will make the opponnet think twice about jumping over your projectiles as you can do the Climax at any point and it’ll hit. It’ll also combo off of hurricane uppers (as a link on the ground or as an anti-air if the opponent jumps on them).

Joe’s combos aren’t hard but you need to be aware of your positioning in the stage to get the best combo possible.
Baku refers to mash P, FU is the Baku followup qcb+P

-Cr.B far A b.B hcf+B
-Cl.D b.B f.B dp+D
-Cr.B cr.B far B MAX
-Cl.D b.B f.B MAX

-MAX CD Hcf+D (whiff) EX Baku EX Qcb+K Hcf+D xx delay cancel Super
-MAX cl.D b.B f.B EX Baku EX hcf+K
-MAX CD EX hcf+P EX hcf+K baku (3 hits) FU dp+D
-MAX CD EX hcf+P EX hcf+K EX Baku hcf+A hcf+B xx Screw
-MAX cl.D b.B f.B EX Baku hcf+B xx EX Screw

(1st)-MAX Cl.D b.B f.B baku (few hits) FU EX Baku hcf+A into (hcf+A baku (3 hits) cl.D or hcf+A xx Screw Upper)
(2nd)- MAX cl.D b.B f.B baku (few hits) FU EX Baku hcf+B xx Screw
(2nd)- MAX CD EX qcb+K cr.C b.B f.B hcf+K xx Screw
(2nd) MAX cl.D b.B f.B baku (few hits) FU EX Baku EX qcb+K hcf+B xx Screw

-Joe’s slide (df+D) is a very useful tool, can go under some projectiles and it knocks down. It can also anti-air some jumps by low profiling them.
-far A (6f/+1) hits crouchers, cancellable and combos into b+B which enhances his combos and damage a lot. You can link it after corner CD into A upper.
-both hurricane uppers are super cancellable (only in early frames). Meaning that if you happen to throw an upper that the opppnent read and tried to punish you, you can still punish their jump/roll by cancelling into Screw upper super or Climax. This is done as a read however and not possible on pure reaction.
-his command normals, b+B and f+B can be used in either order. They boost Joe’s damage greatly. B+B can combo from far A and connect on crouchers.
-Cr.A (6f) is +2 on block! Use it upclose to start pressure.


Notes sir.



Frame Data

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